What a Task!

“I had so much me churning in me”

Working for other people 9-5 never ever helped me. Though so many I knew were satisfied with the putting in of a day then leaving it behind for the life.

My intensity never changed at five. I don’t understand time off work and never have. I liked learning things I didn’t know but it always migrated into being a support system for someone else’s life, and nothing ever depressed me more because I had so much me churning in me.

Now here I am with all that expression possible at last, almost, and wonder if I’ve gotten it right.

And what is that anyway?

Being happy, pleased with a day. Setting our own standards for achievement. Learning ourselves.

What a task!

2 thoughts on “What a Task!

    • Thanks, Kate. I promised Barbara I would keep her memory alive, and I’m having a ton of fun trying to do so. I actually have enough info for a mini-biography, but of course I am hampered by (1) never having met Barbara in person, and (2) almost every picture she ever sent me is blurry. Okay, as a photographer, I may be a perfectionist 🙂 I may seek to solicit anecdotes from her friends in the near future, not sure yet.


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