Central Coast Skies

We don’t usually get this much rainfall but the past month has been water-rich and it’s doing marvelous things to the atmosphere.    Here’s a recent dawn…



We’re getting the huge picturebook skies I remember from childhood, those illustrations of clouds filling every square inch, huge and billowing, on the move….


and an invitation to flight, don’t you think?  DSCF6762

Antoine de St Exupery, one of my favorite writers (Le Petit Prince; Wind, Sand, and Sky; Night Flight; etc)  said the most marvelous things about inspiring exploration:

Antoine de Saint Exupery quotes.jpeg

Only for the Brave ~ Storm Imogen Hits Cornwall



(and keep going to the bottom of this post, nice Sparhawk Stormy Oil Paintings, too!)1.Cliffs at Sennen near Land's End in CornwallThey’re having a weather experience4.Cornish Coast at Porthleven, 20 miles east of Porthchapel Beach in Cornwall, (below is the lighthouse getting a drench……)6.Longships Lighthouse off Cornish coastand they have8.Cornwall had it before, quite a coastline.  2.Land's End, CornwallMust be some brilliant architecture and bricklaying because the houses survive the turmoil.  5.PORTHLEVEN IN CORNWALL, 63 FT WAVES IN ST IVES

coast of cornwal, Sennen 



Don’t turn your back on the ocean is still good advice.  9. Photographer towed 50 feet along beach by crashing wavesIf you’re out there taking pictures, don’t forget to duck (the woman above, a photographer, got knocked down and dragged fifty feet on the beach, and survived with a bloody face and broken arm).


You can be in for a great treat in the hours and nights following turbulent skies.

Big Sur Dawn sky

Big Sur Dawn, original oil painting by Sparhawk


Big Sur River Meets Pacific

Big Sur Dawn, original oil painting by Sparhawk

South Coast The Wild Coast Is Lonely

Big Sur Dawn, original oil painting by Sparhawk


Humans do like wild weather.  Some even paint it.

Ocean, Wild Sky

Big Sur Dawn, original oil painting by Sparhawk

and the sweet aftermath……

Big Sur Sunset, Dunes


Starry Starry Night, Sept '12

Starry Starry Ocean Night, original oil by Sparhawk


(Photos of Storm Imogen from The UK Daily Mail, February 9, 2016)



HERON in the MEADOW, Signs of Spring


                                     HERON ON THE MEADOW ~~ Signs of Spring

Heron, 1     My neighbor and I spotted a marvelous tall slim bird in the meadow this morning, and it obliged my closeness  Heron, 2 with it’s

remarkable calm,  Heron, 3  coming I imagine with the knowledge it can fly off when choosing to despite my enthusiastic admiration, and prior even to that greet me with a stern and serious eye to eye challenge to its territory. Heron, 7 I don’t know what it sought here, or if it found the treat of frog or snake, the meal, the sustenance.  Or if, soaring over one Sunday afternoon, returned simply because it wondered what this lovely patch of flat ground next to the river held.   (And PS if you know birds and this is not a Heron please do tell.)

Lavender, 2

French Lavender, as well as the fruit trees in the neighborhood are in bloom.  And daffodils. 

The Carmel River, which by the way has gone from zero to 3 pairs of Mallard ducks in less than a week, and become a roaring fine waterway, wide, clear and deep again.

Last week four bold Kayakers showed for a day’s frivolity, and yesterday a fellow and his Labrador stopped off, and trotted out to center bridge to see what the steelhead situation was.

It’s spring.

White Dogs of Big Sur Clyde


DSCF2930There was interesting man named Clyde who lived in the whereabouts of Big Sur, I have no idea exactly where, or if it was full-time van and campfire life.  I’m not even 100% sure of his name, I think I got it right.

Clyde bred and raised dogs.  They were all white, blue-eyed, and some exquisite combination of wolf or coyote and Shepherd and/or Husky. Clyde was very precise about the combination, he knew whose mate was who and when and where and how old. 

DSCF2931I’ll say this about the fellow’s very mixed reputation (which ranged from fearsome to deranged to saintly), he raised the most marvelous dogs you would ever want to know in your life.  Angelic, healthy, beautiful, dispositions of poets, and providing companions for a lot of locals who were lucky enough to end up with one of Clyde’s dogs.  There are a lot of all white wolf-like dogs in the Santa Lucia hills there now.DSCF2929

DSCF2926He never seemed quite firmly robust, and sometimes the dogs looked underfed.  When we met he was in what are stupidly noted as the golden sunset years of a life, which I suppose I now qualify for myself and I can tell you for a fact it’s hard work and not often golden or sunny. That takes more work than it used to.  I took these photographs around 2010. Aren’t they beautiful creatures?  Wish I’d noted their names. 

I heard that Clyde died two years or so ago.  I never did have a long conversation with him, not once;  he’d spend time with locals  he knew  DSCF2928near my The Hawks Perch Gallery off Highway 1, at the pub next door.

I took these photographs with his permission.  That’s Clyde’s hand assuring these handsome animals I could be trusted to get near his vehicle. 

May they all be blessed in their lives after the loss of the ruffian who did such a nice job loving them.  You can see in their eyes how they loved him back.  Not a bad legacy, old boy. Au revoir, Clyde.





My darling standard old buddy computer crashed.  I got about everything back (WHEW!) all my photos, boy was that scary.  But not my email.  I’ve been working on it about a week and not making any progress.  I have a new email for contacting me though (hope springing eternal) eventually the old one may come back to life.



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NEW PAINTING~Carmel Valley Bistro Backyard


Oil on Canvas (Large, maybe  28 X 48 )

Carmel Valley Bistro BackyardI’m not entirely sure this is done, I’ve been working on it awhile, then the temperature dropped (outdoor studio) and I’ve thought of a few more things to add….IFit warms up this week.  Meanwhile, wanted to show it to you all, it’s been a great painting experience. 

The Bistro no longer exists, it’s now the wine-tasting rooms of one of the many vineyards out here.  I worked there in 1997, my first waitress job in California, exhausting two and three shifts a day because everyone always quit within hours.  Run by maniacs. I was, despite the horrors, really glad to have a job and some place out of the rain.