Living Wild

“Wild, unruly, and mystical is good.”

It’s a steady job rejecting the conventional illusions, planted so young in us and reinforced continually. But only if paid attention to and not ignored, which is all the standards deserve. The friends I’ve lost to early deaths who clung to doing what was expected of them, horrific.

Don Quixote had it right, dear adventuring heart, but forced to cloak himself with insanity to be an explorer, a free spirit, instead of a dangerous challenge to the conventions of his times.

Observe the limits of those you meet or knew who ground to a halt in fear. Wild, unruly, and mystical is good. I do the best I can in it, glad to be here. Sometimes even proud.

I’m not sorry for the years I spent in cities but I stayed too long.

There is nothing to match living wild.


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