THE HAWKS PERCH GALLERY of the Central Coast

The Hawks Perch Gallery, entrance, Carmel ValleyWelcome to


Hawks Perch Trademark

only 6 miles in from the coast


Hawks Perch Trademark



Looking Inside Carmel Valley Hawks Perch GalleryCome on in! Look! Buy! Have a great time. Small, original oil paintings of florals start at $125. Pen & Ink drawings for $25 to $150.

Inside Carmel Valley HawsksperchCommissioned portraits of animals start at $500. People portraits at $1500. Landscapes range from roughly $150 to $785.  Used paperback, hardcover & art books from $1. to $25. And other interesting stuff…jewelry, t-shirts, old tins.

and Ron Wohlauer Photographs

T  H  E     H  A  W  K  S     P  E  R  C  H

Inside Carmel Valley GallerySo much to see! Portraits of people and animals, florals, and lovely CARDS of Sparhawk Paintings (photographed by Nola Barnick)

Card Rack Up - Dec 2011Mahalia Poppies, Gallery Wall Carmel ValleyTHE HAWKS PERCH CV FACING BACK STUDIOBig Sur Kitchen, Rabbit Vase and PoppiesDRAGON FLY IN LOST GARDENCalla Lilies and Leaves, InteriorHeron-Otter on Wind, Night Sky, Pfeiffer Beach

Carmel Valley Gallery chair, The Hawks Perch3 years in Big Sur, now a bit north, still the best, comfy chair for respite and viewingFacing Back Window, the Hawks Perch Gallery of Carmel Valleygorgeous scenery in every direction

White Iris

New Studio Palettethe instigator

Used Books, The Hawks Perch, Carmel Valley Gallery, Sparhawksplendid old books for sale


Beautiful Hand-Made Oil-Painted EXPRESSIONIST SIGNS ON WOODUSED BOOKS SIGNHawks Perch Trademark, the MermaidOPEN sign, Carmel Valley gallery, The Hawks Perch, Sparhawk

In Truth This Garden is My Home sign, Sparhawk Gallery, the Hawks PerchLA VIE EN ROSE, Sparhawk sign on woodthe HAWKS PERCH, Gallery highway sign, Carmel Valley Road

Flower Sign and Cart, Big Sur Hawks Perch Gallery

Dexter Lives Here sign for local residents, Carmel Valley, the Hawks Perch

Sparhawk in BeretEl Hawko in el Beretto

COME AND WALK THROUGH, LOOK AROUND, SIT AND TALK, BUY A PAINTING, DRAWING, ORDER A SIGN, A MURAL, COMMISSION A PORTRAIT,    OR JUST TO SAY                                                                                HELLO.



IF YOU’RE MAKING A SPECIAL TRIP FROM FAR AWAY, SEND AN EMAIL Busy Fish Lady, Sparhawk Trademarkso much going on

The Gallery Bell

The Hawks Perch of Big Sur

Long day yesterday. Around 9 I was starting dinner and glad for the respite from business in the gallery. I was up to the third Poirot mystery on the set of 3 from Big Sur library and looking forward to watching the remarkable Belgium detective do his stuff, all symmetry and little gray cells at work.

I have installed a doorbell on the gallery downstairs that rings upstairs, and a bit of a peculiar contraption that urges visitors to ring if the shop’s closed. PUSH ME printed on a big yellow wooden one-time cart handle, that adjusts to the ringer’s height and predilection. It’s been a delightful solution to painting in the studio and not missing customers.

Around 10pm as Hercule Poirot was solving murders in 1939 near Egypt’s pyramids, that very same bell rang. I trotted out and peered over the balcony.

A fine young man, reveling with buddies at The Maiden Pub next door, glass of beer in hand, wanted to go through the gallery and buy something. Sweet. I went down and opened the doors to him and turned on the lights.

He was all bright-lit himself with cross country adventure, the kind of glow I’ve seen often from voyagers to Big Sur who can’t believe they made it or believe how perfectly wonderful it is. Tall and strapping, looking like transplanted mid-America farm and ranch. A total delight whose name is Dylan. He hadn’t seen his parents for close to a year and his mom was on her way for a visit and he wanted to get her a present and he was up front right away, he had ten bucks for it.

We did some searching and negotiating and came in on budget. I gift-wrapped, we hugged, Dylan returned to the pub, an ebullient spirit of good nature and fine character who is clearly finding answers to his liberating dreams at the blossoming start of youth.

As for this painter, it’s become the kind of experience that never ceases to amaze or sweep me with strong emotion. The pleasures found at the other end of a small red bell on a chunk of yellow wood with PUSH ME writ large on it are awesome and sweet.

Happy Birthday America

The Hawks Perch, Big Sur

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA     We’re 235 years old today. The spirit of revolution is never far from our hearts. Nor should the men who were the first American politicians be who pledged their “lives, their liberty, and their sacred honor” on that declaration of independence from European tyrants. We need a long hard look for a single politician today with any honor much less sacred. Americans are good in a crisis and excellent at accomplishing the impossible. In due course we’ll throw the scoundrels out, drain the DC swamp, and continue changing the world for the better by example. The past decade has been an educational intro to cultures which need getting up to speed, discovering the enlightenment of human potential, individualism, and independence. We’re still a beacon. Happy Birthday sweet land of liberty, shine on.

BIG SUR SUMMER      We really are in the most spectacular Big Sur summer, enveloped in gorgeous sunny blue-skied air. The recent short rain set all the aromas loose again, the potent bay, sweet fern and jasmine, sharp acacia, and dark rich riverbank earth. There’s a waft of salt mixed in from the ocean.

Big Sur is in a sweet pocket of sun with fog and cloud banks just to the north and the south of us.

Bearded Iris, Big Sur Hillside

Sold a large painting yesterday,  “Wild Bearded Iris by Riverbank”, (shown), it’s headed north above San Francisco with a wonderful couple. They didn’t say a word for a good ten minutes, walking around the gallery, looking, looking in silence, then the woman stopped in front of a painting she’d kept returning to and out of dead quiet said, “It’s beautiful! It’s so beautiful!” and I swear I saw her heart leap.

There are more pleasures with my gallery than I can sometimes count and sometimes am barely aware of. One is the joy of connecting work I’ve done with a stranger. Good day. Business coming back, roads open, campers and thrilled travelers, and the air rife with the happiness of being alive.