Painting Holiday in Big Sur

Expressionist Painters Holiday in Big Sur, California!

Beginning April 2012.

Seven remarkable and stirring days among the exquisite redwood, fern, and purple sand beaches of heavenly Big Sur.  All inclusive: enchanting hotel rooms, three meals a day, transportation to and from airports and local guided tours. Open to painters who are interested in art with emotion, learning to break through the barriers that have made you feel distant to your work and the creative process.

There will additionally be instruction given in pen and ink sketching and its use for sharpening memory, leading to finished drawing technique.

Please leave a message here, or contact Barbara Sparhawk by email: for details and scheduling your stay. 7-day, 6-night sessions are limited to four students only. Children under 18 may be accepted for instruction, but must have an accompanying parent. There will be be two of these week-long sessions a month from April 2012 through September. Guests of painters, not taking classes, are welcome with a reduced fee. Locals requiring no housing, only classes, will be charged for classes only. Please book your place well in advance.

It’s going to be intense, thrilling, and life-altering. You’re going to discover how to break through what has previously short circuited energy connecting your heart and soul to your brush filled hand.