2003 to 2004 I lived in two places and both, though separate, were the gateway mountains  of Yosemite — The High Sierras.  The first place up at 5200 feet is the subject here.  The second was a peculiar old gold miner’s shack at a slightly lower elevation, a place of equal  peculiarities and dangers    (detailed in my splendid story collection: The Gandy Dancer and Other Short Stories, (Amazon et al) which Robert Redford absolutely fell in love with and told me so but for some reason known only to God has not purchased–yet–for movie-making,  because he’d be marvelous in or directing any one of them & I could use the bread). (Also Mr Redford if you missed it read  Charles, The Man Who Lived Through Wars  here, it’s terrific!)

But I digress.  The FLYING SAUCERS OF YOSEMITE are not uncommon.  In fact they’re so common it turns out nobody much says much unless it’s about the one last night on my roof, or did you catch the three in a row doing flips and hurling pods.  There were especial frequencies of the huge triangle-shaped ones blotting out the stars of the spectacular night skies.  That’s how you knew.  You’d be looking up, pulled roadside spooning with a loved one, or solitary–spooning Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough from the carton–and say, “Hey, what happened to the stars over there?  It’s like a big black triangle thingy the size of a football field chewed up the stars, oh wait a minute, that’s one of those flying saucers everybody sees,  all the corners are blinking.  I’ll just leave before they see me…” 

On a lovely day, a day this very same week in March in fact but 14 years ago, I was meandering around the cabin I’d rented.  It was near sundown.  It had been warm and gorgeous. A night of spectacular clarity with a big full moon against fabulous clouds was on its way.  And I was on living top of the highest mountain around, facing west, Bass Lake down below, up higher than Ahwanee.  And this appeared in front of me. Silent.



This phenomenon unfolded from the start of sundown into the dark of night, a rising moon in cloud cover, and a flying saucer drifting across the sky over a period of easily an hour.  Slow as can be. Stayed pure horizontal no up or down. No sound.  Enough time for me to call a friend from down the hill in town who took 15 maybe 20 minutes to close her shop and arrive.  I took pictures. Here they are. What is it if not a spacecraft from some marvelous place where Earthlings are adored, slowed down to say howdy, headed to (or from) the mother ship.














I’d love to know what you think.  Or if it’s a message you got that night on your mountain, too.  I know, looks like a duck, flies like a duck. But it’s not a duck.




Coast to Coast Treat

It’s hard to imagine anyone’s missed late night radio’s miraculous Coast to Coast, the brilliant voyages begun by Art Bell and now with George Noory at the helm. There is no topic from string theory and aliens and psychic phenomenon, Atlantis, medical miracles, cures, and sun spots and how to communicate with animals and pyramids, flights of fancy and flights to Mars that isn’t covered, as well as economic disasters, spelunking, how to patent a design, earthquakes, and remote viewing. That’s the short list.

Last night was a special winner with a wonderful and brilliant man named Peter Diamandis who just wrote “Abundance” projecting the future of mankind, a true American entrepreneur inventor. More about him later. The payoff came in the last few minutes, and the whole night would have been hard to top but for Luke who called from South Carolina, expressing some alarm about worm holes, close encounters, and aliens. This is an approximation of the conversation, but it’s about right and it’s rich:

LUKE  Like I was telling the guy who answered the phone (here’s a guy who knows from aliens but not screen callers, like he’d gotten George Noory out of bed at home) I never heard of this before but maybe you did. Well, I’m here in South Carolina, and I had one of those wormholes down the way.

GEORGE  No kidding!

LUKE  Right, a wormhole, and I watch it, you know, stuff going in and out all the time. But they moved the hole!

GEORGE  They moved it? No, I never heard of that. The wormhole? Well what did they do with it?

LUKE  Well they go in and out. They fly in and out, you can watch the lights. They go up, then they’ll come back down and go in it then fly out of it. And I seen them go up and take people out of their houses.

GEORGE  Out of their houses? You mean they fly over them in like…a beam of light?

LUKE  Yeah, the light shoots down to the house and the people get taken right up in it. But the thing is they moved it, moved the wormhole, now I don’t see it any more.

GEORGE  Well, are they awake or asleep?

LUKE  Well, I don’t know. How’d I know if they were asleep?

GEORGE  Well are they lying down like they’ve been asleep in bed or standing or what…

LUKE  Well no they’re sitting, in their chairs, they go right up into the light, in their chairs.

GEORGE  And the chairs get beamed up too with the people in them?

LUKE  Well, right, chairs and all, right.

GEORGE  Well no, I never heard that. Do you go the next morning to talk to the people inside the houses?

LUKE  Oh no, no I never did that, no I’m not going to talk to the people.

GEORGE  But they’d tell you, if they come back they’d tell you all about it, do they come back?

LUKE  Well they come back all right, but I don’t know, I don’t know. There was a couple in one of the houses, you know, well they both died. Not right then but soon, both of ’em died. No, I wouldn’t go talk to them, no.

GEORGE  Well that is something.

LUKE  Well the thing is that they moved the wormhole. It’s not here any more, it used to be right out there.

GEORGE  Well no, I never did hear of that.

LUKE  Never did. Never did hear of the wormhole getting moved, well. Well, I wondered.

GEORGE  That is something, that the wormhole got moved.

It turned out to be the end of the show, and as George Noory is announcing the producers and the farewell I’m screaming at the radio DON’T LOSE LUKE!! Keep talking!! But it was all over. I hope we hear updates. I love my country.