Bluebird, Moon, 2 Hummingbirds in Tangled Tapestry

New painting, oil on canvas, 12 X 12 inches

Bluebird, Moon and Two Hummingbirds in Tangled Tapestry

Bluebird, 2 Hummingbirds, Moon in Tangled Tapestry

Detail Hummingbird, Tapestry

Detail, Hummingbird

Copy of Bluebird, 2 Hummingbirds, Moon in Tangled Tapestry

Detail, Bluebird Looking Up at Moon

Most of my paintings sort of emerge. That is,  I have an imprecise idea in mind but as I lay pigment to brush to canvas the image gets its own. Which I try not to interrupt. My single most pronounced connect is to the tapestries of the hauntingly beautiful Cloisers in Manhattan way uptown which I haven’t seen in ages. But the memory lingers in me and I’m guessing it presented itself in some way here. There’s a large blue bird in the uppermost right of center watching the moon. Midway left, two hummingbirds, one headed south, the other to the right, in both cases a flurry inside a fine tangled bush, lush blossoms filled with sustenance.

The original oil painting is still in the Hawks Perch Gallery, $135  including tax and state-side shipping (email Prints, Cards, Stickers, Posters available at my RedBubble site, & PayPal.

T H E    H A W K S   P E R C H   G A L L E R Y


CV Gallery entranceway, The Hawks Perch

One more, Flowers and Moth Caught by the Wind



I did this awhile back, and it’s been one of my favorites. It’s got a nice weight of paint on it and the colors are good, and there’s a fine activity to it. If I do say so myself.

The moth is in the lower right hand corner, not too visible and definitely not in distress.  This sold, last week in the gallery.

I overheard two musicians talking about the effect of wild climate on the landscape. Of course plants love the wind, said one. Otherwise there wouldn’t be poetry.

New October Paintings, Garden Starts to Come Inside

These are two new canvases just finished (still wet!). I’ll be listing prices for my paintings. Everything posted is in my Hawks Perch Gallery in Carmel Valley, still available, prices include shipping and handling, and will be mailed out to buyers within a day of receiving payment. The only way I have to do this now is if it’s picked up, or by sending a personal check (address below) until I figure out how to add a PayPal Button. I have a PayPal account, not sure how it’s accessed for sales.

Tulips at Window at Nightfall  12″ X 12″ oil on canvas $225.00 (USD~ price includes shipping, tax, handling)

Brilliant red/orange tulips with dark leaves in a green/blue vase, stand against a yellow wall. The room begins to glow with night’s interior warm light and the day pales and darkens at nightfall. The partly opened window stirs the thin white curtain.

The Single Bloom  12″ X 12″  oil on canvas              $225.00 (USD~ price includes shipping, tax, handling)

A solitary luscious bloom on a thick green stem rises in some mysterious sea-lapped land. Mountains far far away in a dark blue sky and mist haunt the slim horizon. And just beyond the massive blossom, a stand of flowering yellow green reeds.

Thank you for looking. You’ll definitely have something unique, my paintings are original, one of a kind, the colors are fabulously delish and look even more beautiful in the hand!

Barbara Sparhawk
The Hawks Perch

at The Farm Center

9698 A Carmel Valley Road,  Carmel, CA 93923

The Art of Continuing to Look

          Dragonfly Cornucopia (oil on canvas)

I imagine the insect’s eye/brain view and wish it were my own. Consider that kind of complete life focus on voluptuous warm color, a cheek perennially brushed by gentle petals lighter than air.

I am on a local hummingbird’s schedule for roughly one pm’s. It’s not me of course it’s the deep pink tree fuscia with nectar-weighty drooping downward trumpet shaped flowers by my door.

I suppose the hummingbird is driven by instinct toward what is, coincidentally, pretty. Well, we share that, humans and insects. Life shares that. What we can’t do is fly into, hover above, dip and turn within the maze of flowering bush and vine as a dizzying ecstasy overtakes the senses. But insects and birds are orderly, thoughtful…and looking for a meal.

A person drunk with color leaves those very things behind and likely will not care about food in the throes of heightened perception. Our ordinary survival vision, our daily life is functional, and beauty is a treat, a plan made to step aside in order to smell the roses.

If we want enveloping, there are pools below tropic waterfalls, sunsets where the colored air is digestible. We weave textiles of air borne silks and rich brocade, and decorate houses and plant gardens and relish the closeness of beautiful things.   And it suits our bigger plans, to see all we can, to witness and experience a multilayer life that every day expands before us and we reach to touch.

Shared too with animals and birds and bugs and water creatures who, after all, do migrate.  Everyone of us is on the search for something more, beyond what we know. And maybe that’s the life force, that internal push, the secret of being alive, the art of continuing to look.



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