Garden Dance Class

Garden Dance Class, Oil on Linen

I began this with the central flowers and glass vase. Then with an eye to filling the canvas, went to the right. I’d been thinking about the extent to which classic dancers distort their bodies. I added the instructor. Then I thought about my youthful ballet/toe classes, and how in love you are with the shoes and movement and yourself when you dance. That led to the girls. The instructor (and they are sure not all) is happy benevolence, enjoying it all, including the happiness of her pupils.

Big Sur & Movie Stars

A traveler came through my gallery this morning and stayed to talk a spell. His first trip here was in the 60’s. His last trip was three years ago when he volunteered to fight the fires.

In the 60’s he’d stopped in front of a Big Sur bulletin board posted with local events. DANCE TONIGHT AT THE GRANGE was on the top with comments scribbled below. Rain expected? and an answer. Will there be food? And an answer. Who’s playing? And an answer. Then, in possibly the best description of this small, proud of itself community, the question Where does Elizabeth Taylor live. Followed by, Who’s Elizabeth Taylor?

Morning stirrings outside the gallery from July 4th revelers, Wanna get a beer and donut?

I love my town.