Depardieu: A small tribute to le grande Parisian

Gerard Depardieu is causing a fuss. Not in itself unusual but this time a consequence of his fury at his native land’s new 75% tax. The mood nationale toward the actor has gone from a fractious Au revoir!  to Je t’aime, Gerard!  Quelle change. Depardieu, an incredibly beloved native, morphed to le horreur then back to the most quintessential French everything short of Napoleon who ever breathed the Gallic air.


The paparazzi have been all over the fellow, following him to  fancy food shops, speculating on his hoarding things Francoise prior to leaving the homeland. Quelle Fromage!

The UK Daily Mail has a flurry of Depardieus matched only by those adorable Kurdasians…..Gerard standing, Gerard sitting, Gerard with helmet, Gerard without helmet, Gerard with trendy shopping bag, Gerard stepping forward, stepping back.….wow.  In fact the Depardieu tide is turning with such force that for the FIRST time the press is mentioning Depardieu only peed in the airplane aisle last month out of protest (and into a bottle) because he was refused permission to the restroom. Previously it was just old uncouth Gerard (Nick Nolte’s spiritual French cousin) peeing because the mood struck. La mood boheme.(Nick)

Actually the ex-patting is not profound, the actor will be 5 minutes over the border on Belgium property he’s moving to, but he has declared he will surrender his French passport. Because, after all, enough is enough and la vie en rose is to be considered. There is speculation, unconfirmed, that Depardieu, departing on a flight to Rome today, did not take the French cheese along. Well, the Italians do cheese.

There’s so much to be learnt from this. I mean, Lohan is open sport as a pretty young idiot drunk; Sheen is a picture encyclopedia of what activities are produced by various drugs; aging icons like DiNiro only make news scolding rappers for not returning phone calls and Beyonce got considerable press thumbing her nose at Republicans and calling them bitches. Just imagine if our Hollywood types actually defied imposing government regulations  with their photogenic, action-packed faces and access to microphones!

And here is such interesting proof that actually standing up for something about which one feels strongly, genuine righteous indignation, produces good press! Imagine that. Bon chance anyone this side of the Chanel will have that kind of courage.

Actor Gerard Depardieu Yo! Mwah, Gerard D. Je t’aime big time.(young Dep)