SPARHAWK – Pen & Inks

The Road Out

Biloxi Winter, Low Tide

Biloxi Winter, Low Tide

Yosemite Pond Tree

There is something so compelling about the steady focus of pen and ink drawings, the immediacy of pen in hand becomes almost a sense that the fingers are doing the work without an intermediary tool.  Additionally you can get really good results on a moving train, airplane, bus, or parked at the side of the road. The scene in front of you is imbedded in the process, and you’ll never forget having been there with all the details that caught your eye in the first place.

Angels Dancing on Treetops, Garland Park

(Some of the original drawings are still available for sale, please email me for details. Prints, cards, and posters are available on Australia’s RedBubble )

The Blind Men & The Elephant

Bertrina Munching

Bertrina Munching Lunching

Brooklyn Bench Warmer

Traveling Cat Dream

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