Sparhawk – Expressionist Oil Paintings

Big Sur Retreat, Clear Ridge

Two Bouquets

These are story paintings, scenes imagined and real, conglomerations of visions and of memories. The originals, if not sold, are available in my gallery, The Hawks Perch in Big Sur.


is a radical distortion of perspective to demonstrate the emotional effect of the world on the Painter, and thereby evoke mood and ideas in the Viewer. Expressionists are not looking for, or at, absolute reality. But the heart of the Expressionist Painter may assimilate life in explosive color and unorthodox form.

Studio, and Spirit Dreams

Poet’s Breakfast

The Alchemist

Holman Ranch

Harper’s Ferry Dawn, View From the Log Cabin Porch

All By Myself


Life Is Dangerous-Bring It On

Pfeiffer Beach After Storm

Holman Ranch, Pasture Hilltop

Angels Protect Me on My Journey