Lootie the Wooly Mammoth

Through a series of mysterious events, Lootie, an adorable Wooly Mammoth who is nobody’s fool, bumps into a circus juggler by name of Sweetie Reetie, a fair and clever performer, and mad love ensues in short order. The smitten Lootie at once ramps up her wooing quest, & in crinoline and lace returns the next morning with a milkshake and roses for her guy. To her horror, the circus left town! And the story begins in earnest. As any w.mammoth will testify, despite impending ice ages, separation anxiety & not having a thing to wear, timeless love conquers all. This is (probably) a true story.

This Wooly Mammoth is Nobody's Fool

Since before the beginning of time, love conquers all.

The first date goes well and badly in equal parts.

The first date is a mix of divine and disaster

Pre-historic circus guy

The juggler's life is not an easy life...

5 thoughts on “Lootie the Wooly Mammoth

    • IT IS!! And when the mood hits, and all these marvelous funny things drop on the surface of the paper I don’t stop laughing and never think of anything else. I’m going to try and get a lot of writing and books done this year. And you, Vera, must have a dozen in you.

      • I have only always written free verse as it appeared into my head. Fiction or imagination prose never appears. The piece about the pale flowers is one of 3 exceptions. The last one was minimalist : a blog showed a baby
        high-chair and as small TV-dinner table on a city sidewalk and the author asked for the story , I wrote :
        I almost felt Hemingwayesque ! it is here : http://rutheh.com/2013/05/16/you-write-the-story/
        but you have to find it with a fine-tooth comb, wading thru the other long stories.

        • oh-oh! never use brackets for quoting. this is html after all.
          Here’s the minimalist story:

          Baby grew up. Great-grampa died at 103. Life’s beginnings an endings.

          Buongiorno e ciao.V.

  1. Lootie is half written and 1/7th illustrated or something like that.
    It’s a wonderful love story between the species, involving (in the best tradition) some suspension of reality but what fun! No mushrooms required.
    I’ll be adding more of the story, largely poetry, as the days go on.
    Thanks for stopping by.

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