Animal Paintings

Lady Bug Astronaut Moondancer

This is a sampling of the many animal portraits I’ve done. Cats and dogs and ducks and birds and dragonflies and bugs. Some are still available in The Hawks Perch. Stop in for a visit and see them in person.

The HAWKS PERCH at the Farm Center, Robinson Canyon Road – 9700 Carmel Valley Road – Mid-Valley – Carmel Valley

Dragonfly in the Heart of the Garden

Forrest's Angel

Xena of Big Sur

Astrid on Her Painted Couch

For Big Sur locals, this beautiful Rottweiler is Forrest’s doggie, Angel, from Sycamore Canyon Road, neighbors and friends.

The yellow Labrador is Xena, the rock’n’roll family’s baby. I lived there a year and a half and took care of the animals, and part-time family chef

( and did a lot of painting.)

Tropic Horse

Douglas At Dawn

The Ranch Magpie

Rodin & the Clothesline

Lady Bugs Grazing

Torrey Pine

BonBon Sleeping

Babatte at the Kitchen Door, Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia

6 thoughts on “Animal Paintings

  1. Douglas at dawn and the magpie are my current favorite – even though I am crazy about cats – I especially like the magpie – here in Idaho they seem to be as big as slender chickens. There was a tame magpie when I was a child, what fun! Douglas instead makes me feel the mystery of unobserved nature in its simple purity…
    The wild garden is also wonderful. Thanks for everything

    • Thank you so much, John. They were incredibly fine cats of strong character, and very touching to realized here they still are in the eyes of a superb photographer of wildlife they never met, who now knows them by name. Painting and drawing have their purposes.

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