The Final Chapter

I would like to share below some heartfelt comments by readers of the new edition of Barbara’s biography. It is gratifying to think that such a unique and talented individual will not be totally forgotten.

My archival work on her behalf, however, has unfortunately come to a premature halt, as I have been arbitrarily denied access to her paintings – as well as, perhaps more tragically, decades of Barbara’s personal journals. Her facility with words rivaled her dexterity with a paintbrush and in later years she was immensely excited at the prospect of her life and work being documented. Sadly, that will not happen to the extent she envisioned.

A nurse assistant who described his first meeting with Barbara, a woman more than 40 years his elder, as “love at first sight,” is selling off her canvases to finance his education. I have repeatedly requested that I be allowed to photograph them before they disappear, to no avail. And precious growing pains, the daily sobs and delights articulated in her journal seem destined for the rubbish heap.

Be that as it may, on behalf of Barbara I would like to thank all who have so graciously patronized The Hawk’s Perch. Your presence, your comments, your kindness, your loyalty – each of you was so very much appreciated by Barbara, perhaps more than you know. Many times she told me how her mood soared after a purchase, or a favorable comment. “Too delish!” was a favorite expression of hers when describing a joyful moment.

Thank you,

John Hayes

All three volumes of Barbara’s biography may be viewed & downloaded for free HERE.


Oh, John, this book is so beautiful.  I spent the first evening simply looking through it and showing Ronnie the ones I loved the most.  He really enjoyed it as well. I’ve shared some of Barbara’s story with Ron, and he loved hearing it because he admires people who go on ahead and take risks.

– M.G.


Thank you for sharing it [Chronology] with me. I will pass it on to one of my daughters sometime in the future. There is much wisdom in her writing, and I am inspired by her courage and lightness. You must miss her very much as do others who knew and loved her.  This tribute to her will keep her memory alive . . . And today how exciting to receive the new book [Retrospective] you created for Barbara in the mail.  I am enjoying the animals and plants sections and will treasure reading your conversations with her. What a remarkable tribute you have made to her.

– L.P.


Thank you so much for doing this. I connected with Barbara after my daughter found her site online and contacted her about one of her first memories of being with her Father in Coney Island and running into his friend who was a Billboard painter painting the sign “JAZZ”. It turned out to be Barbara! It was a magical reconnection for so many. I have followed her ever since and am so thankful you have kept her site going for those who found her so interesting and special!

She is and will always be a part of my memory. Thank you for sending me the book. I’m sure I will enjoy it as I did the last one you sent me.

– M.M.


An incredible story told extremely well by you. I am so impressed by your expressive way of telling her story.  I kinda sense that those few who were allowed to know her were constantly battling the feeling of “Barbara keep talking; tell me more.” and “Jesus, swallow some of that hard-headedness and pride and get your shit together.”

– JN



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