APRIL 6, 2017

I came very close to missing this muscular display.


                                                                    There had been inexplicable crashing outbursts,  sounds of fury signifying who knew what….things carried off my deck by wild winds?   Hurtling through the air endangering aircraft? Planets?

How were the birds reacting?

 Could  my apple tree still be covered in blooms?

DSCF8145I wandered to the great valley windows, then into the larger outdoors…..to discover a sky like I’ve never seen before in my life. 


It lasted through dark of night, releasing brief  shots of brilliant moon before going black again,DSCF8157 and by dawn had become mist and rain.


Everything got a good blast of the elements, all of us better off for it, the senses pummeled and thrilled.Apple Tree, Hilltop, early April, 2017


6 thoughts on “DARK & STORMY

  1. Hi Barbara, I have seen this in Texas, like ocean waves but curly upside down in the clouds, yes, it is amazing. Comes in about once every few years. Very striking. Thanks for posting it. With hugs, Suzy

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    • Hello Suzy!! That’s fascinating. I have the feeling it’s also something that crops up in New Zealand, that long rolling cloud thing that people go hang glide in, rolls in once a year. Good to hear from you, much love back.

    • Yes, storms are very exciting, it’s a deal. These are real mother nature creations and I was just bowled over. You know this better than I as you are a brilliant photographer of wild sudden things, but I am learning that there are split seconds, two minute, five minute entries into the stuff of creation. I routinely follow the impulse to get up and go to another room, look up, walk there, stand here, now. This is one such capture got by not ignoring nothin.
      Thanks, Oops.

    • Me too! So glad you saw this, it’s been a year of extraordinary skies. This display became like something personal, ‘OH! Hello! Watch this one!’ It changed at a moderate speed, and every turn was exciting. It’s almost like dough, rolling in over itself, twisting thick heavy things, no wispy frailty here. Thank you, Kate.

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