HERON in the MEADOW, Signs of Spring

                                     HERON ON THE MEADOW ~~ Signs of Spring

Heron, 1     My neighbor and I spotted a marvelous tall slim bird in the meadow this morning, and it obliged my closeness  Heron, 2 with it’s

remarkable calm,  Heron, 3  coming I imagine with the knowledge it can fly off when choosing to despite my enthusiastic admiration, and prior even to that greet me with a stern and serious eye to eye challenge to its territory. Heron, 7 I don’t know what it sought here, or if it found the treat of frog or snake, the meal, the sustenance.  Or if, soaring over one Sunday afternoon, returned simply because it wondered what this lovely patch of flat ground next to the river held.   (And PS if you know birds and this is not a Heron please do tell.)

Lavender, 2

French Lavender, as well as the fruit trees in the neighborhood are in bloom.  And daffodils. 

The Carmel River, which by the way has gone from zero to 3 pairs of Mallard ducks in less than a week, and become a roaring fine waterway, wide, clear and deep again.

Last week four bold Kayakers showed for a day’s frivolity, and yesterday a fellow and his Labrador stopped off, and trotted out to center bridge to see what the steelhead situation was.

It’s spring.


4 thoughts on “HERON in the MEADOW, Signs of Spring

    • Lovely of you, supremo stroller, to say. It is a gorgeous, constantly changing meadow and I still favor the ocean, but for dry land near river this ain’t bad. Thanks, Gunta. Aren’t you having a fantastic new year! Congrats on that dear girl.

  1. Wonderful post…indeed you live in a corner of paradise. I am acquainted with blue herons. Superb birds. I saw them often in the Baylands off the SF Peninsula. There was one who seemed to supervise a squirrel city standing in a similar stance to the one that you show. I was horrified when I realized that he/she was checking the tunnels and and gobbled up the babies as they emerged. Nature red in beak and claw… I shooed that brigand away more then once. Nature may be red etc. but it knows how to maintain a balance. I was simply an arrogant human who interfered as we are wont to do…
    PS: I’ll have to send you some photos of snow banks out my glass doors so you’ll REALLY appreciate where you live! We are in an extended snowstorm in Denver.

    • Thanks for all this wonderful information, and I am sure you’re right, we are rife with ground squirrels, and gophers and ground hogs and frogs etc. I think it marvelous that you trotted out to rescue the clan, bravo! Though we are all and more often faced with the drama of not knowing who to root for in a feral society when everybody eats everybody else. I did have a moment, I confess, when seeing this large bird in my meadow I thought Oh Thank God! today the frogs are safe! I love the froggies, too.

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