NEW PAINTING~Carmel Valley Bistro Backyard


Oil on Canvas (Large, maybe  28 X 48 )

Carmel Valley Bistro BackyardI’m not entirely sure this is done, I’ve been working on it awhile, then the temperature dropped (outdoor studio) and I’ve thought of a few more things to add….IFit warms up this week.  Meanwhile, wanted to show it to you all, it’s been a great painting experience. 

The Bistro no longer exists, it’s now the wine-tasting rooms of one of the many vineyards out here.  I worked there in 1997, my first waitress job in California, exhausting two and three shifts a day because everyone always quit within hours.  Run by maniacs. I was, despite the horrors, really glad to have a job and some place out of the rain.


5 thoughts on “NEW PAINTING~Carmel Valley Bistro Backyard

  1. Lovely rhythm and energy, the movement stabilized to just the right degree by the vertical slats below. Masterful use of color too. Love the red chair, like something out of Van Gogh’s bedroom. 🙂

    • Very glad you like this, thank you for all the kind observations and thoughts. That chair hasn’t been in my life for years but it was love at first sight in the ’60’s in Vermont, and it lasted til the late nineties with me, left in Virginia. The painting is full of strong memories for me, powerful times.

  2. A very interesting composition. Somewhat à la Fellini, no? it has a feeling of carnival and mystery, very well color co-ordinated and those background trees that look alive as though they were rising toward and into the sky/sea. ( … er… no, I have not taken anything psychedelic, no…).

    • What fabulous observations! and you put me in such great company, Vera. The whole feeling when I first landed on the west coast, and working in that insane place was toto Fellini, (who I adore) and I hadn’t thought it came across but you’re right! The trees here on the central coast have that stretch and reach to them, that push me pull you between earth and sky. Thanks so much.

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