Water Flume, Clouds, House, Lilacs


Oil on canvas, 12 X 12   December 2014

Inspired by a painting of Monet’s actually, a house atWater Flume, Wind the sea with beautiful colors I had not seen by him before, which came into view because of a Christmas card.


4 thoughts on “Water Flume, Clouds, House, Lilacs

    • Via Santa Claus I have ordered 40 plus new stretched canvases of various sizes, and splenid Arches watercolor paper from France, 100 percent rag, 300 cold press and divine. I’m organizing the future. Well, a little. Thanks Kate, for everything.

  1. Astounding! The color palette is masterful, and I equally love the composition. Perhaps best of all is that you are back in action after a short absence. Bravo!!!

    • Thank you, John, how kind of you. Yes, I am curious about the changes possible from the stopping to starting again with the brush and palette. I am due for cataract surgery in a month, and although the ‘good’ eye seems familiar and true to color I know, the doctor has assured me it is not giving an accurate representation and I will see differently. One doesn’t expect so much change after so many years. I’m very glad you like this painting, it was a great experience to do.

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