Tommy Jefferson, Most Excellent Cat, R.I.P.



Gone from our lives this week

August 2000 ~ September 2014

The Golden Cat on SilkThis is Tommy very new to my life, the early years, cozied into an orange and gold silk robe.  He always seemed the Golden Cat to me. Symetrical beautiful plush he was, especially his throaty thick ruff that rolled out over his tucked under paws. Tommy had a poster with his face and statistics up on the Post Office Wall in Carmel Valley. (about 5 yrs old, 21 lb. biggie, very healthy, golden eyed and beautiful. It took me some wavering but I said yes. Then I had to prove my worth.

Tommy and I moved from Carmel Valley’s Lower Circle near the River, moved to Big Sur Tommy on the Bedand Sycamore Canyon
& Pfeiffer Beach. He met his first Vietnamese Pig, Labrador, Pug, Whippet, Rocknroll musicians, Rottweiller, Bull Frogs, seagulls, Great King Heron, Trout, and ocean. On Clear Ridge he chased everything that moved including I’m pretty sure one day a FOX. And he had his own garden. In Big Sur had a massive house and gallery and woods to explore, then we opened a gallery in Mid-Valley, and he had a meadow too. Thomas J. patioTommy never much showed any signs of illness, nor complained but about a week ago stopped eating. Bob, and Bob, and Valerie and Mike, and so many of Tommy’s friends stopped in to help out making easy swing shifts. But we lost the battle two days ago.  What a cat.  I’ll miss him forever.Cat Who Loved Flowers, best, detail, TJ, galleryThomas Jefferson Really Loved His Garden.


6 thoughts on “Tommy Jefferson, Most Excellent Cat, R.I.P.

  1. The cats that have been in our lives , they were all special but some were more so RIP Tommy
    I allso lived on clear ridge / middle ridge and had a cat much like him he was a great mouser and friend but that was 27 years ago yet I remember

  2. Ah, Pie, what a beautiful tribute. I love the portrait you painted of Tommy. You were lucky to have found each other. RIP, Tommy, knowing you are greatly missed. See you tomorrow, Tommy’s human!

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