Cattle Call

All the world loves

a good tune and by God we can use one in these times.

Keep your eye on the horizon…..Winning performance: Derek Klingenberg, 35, from Peabody, Kansas, merely puts the brass instrument to his lips and blasts out some upbeat tunes - a favorite being Royals by Lorde - before the cows come flocking

Caught on camera: In a bid to prove the bizarre phenomena, Mr Klingenberg recently filmed himself in action

 Quite a sight: Indeed, at the beginning of his video he is seen sat in an empty field but as he continues to play cows suddenly crop up on the horizon

A farmer’s ingenious approach

to a round up. 

Cow chorus: They are heard mooing along to the melody, seemingly enjoying the performance

Meet  Derek Klingenberg, 35, American Farmer~ Peabody, Kansas.

And a herd of his buddies.

And his trombone.

Novel idea: Herding cattle has never been so easy for one farmer thanks to his trombone-playing skills

Did Hopalong Cassidy, John Wayne, or Rowdy Yates know about this? 


photo credit

More on  Klingenberg Farms Studios YouTube   


7 thoughts on “Cattle Call

    • Obviously the ONLY character/physical flaw of the otherwise perfect pupkin. Animals are fascinating when music’s introduced. I think it must trigger something they’d just never imagined.
      Keep playing.

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