SPARHAWK PAINTINGS ~~ Now on Tote Bags & Pillows!!

A brand new feature on my fabulous RedBubble~Australia site! 

Trevor's Treasure Island by Barbara Sparhawk

They now offer prints of ALL MY HUNDREDS OF PAINTINGS AND DRAWINGS displayed with them, printed on TOTE BAGS and PILLOWS !! They’re really pretty, sturdy canvas, black handles, and the paintings on both sides.  They’re an excellent price, in the range of $15 – $20.  And of course, there it is, every day you head out the door or to the beach,

Jody's Fragrant Garden by Barbara Sparhawk

the hills or dales, office or playing field, an original piece of Sparhawk Art, totally unique, beautiful colors, and on top of that….practical. 

The Cat Who Loved Flowers by Barbara Sparhawk

(From the Redbubble Site:) “Enter the Redbubble Tote bag.

An especially durable, poly poplin fabric, double sided, full bleed printed, incredibly beautiful carrying device. With a comfortable black cotton shoulder strap and available in three sizes there’s no limit to the exciting things you can carry about. Or the amount of alcohol you can sneak into work.


  • Selected design printed on both sides
  • Three square sizes available: 13”, 16”, 18″
  • 1” wide super strong cotton shoulder strap
  • Soft yet hard-wearing 100% spun Polyester Poplin fabric
  • Capable of carrying a potentially infinite amount of exciting things.”

Dragon Fly Paradisio by Barbara Sparhawk

Xena, Yellow Rock Star Lab by Barbara Sparhawk          Lady Bug Voyager by Barbara Sparhawk


      Take a look on RedBubble ~ Australia.  Thanks for coming by!

Click here>>>>>SPARHAWK on REDBUBBLE      for a Visit

PS     I’ve been with RedBubble for about 5 years and have never once disappointed in the work they do for me. They’re always first class, totally professional, to be trusted for good products!

14 thoughts on “SPARHAWK PAINTINGS ~~ Now on Tote Bags & Pillows!!

  1. Brilliant idea! These are beautiful. As much as your art deserves much higher presentation, still, to have it available to adorn the lowly, but ever so useful, tote is a nice option. I like a nod to practicality and the opportunity to display your work wherever I go. They make great gifts, too. I hope this becomes a big boon to the Sparhawk. Much love, n

    • Howdy, Nola! Thanks so much, you’re an always-welcome friend, and I miss seeing you as often as we had.
      I feel really happy about the paintings on the bags, too. In less than 12 hours I sold five, which is a totally thrilling surprise! and hope to do more. Everything RedBubble has made for me has had real quality to it, and I suspect this will be a good buy for all who venture forth. My love to all, come visit!!

    • I believe I can say, without fear of contradiction even from myself, that I never once expected a review from Zanzibar. You are WAY too much. Oh what a time you must be having, Kate! And apparently getting better internet connects from Zanzibar than Big Sur. Which somehow does not surprise. Come home and buy Sparhawk totes for you and everybody you know!! Bless your heart, can’t wait to hear more about your fabulous life. xxxooooo

  2. I’ve ordered t-shirts for the grandkids through RedBubble… they were well done indeed. Did not know they came out of Australia. Damn… I just ordered me a “hoodie” from them. Wish I’d known your were including your art work before I made that purchase.

    • Thanks, Gunta. There’s still time! I’m very impressed with all the things RedBubble does. If you’re not using them for a gallery site for you work, I recommend them. They chiefly have photographer and their reproductions are top notch. The site is entirely free. You upload your pictures, and they sell prints and cards and canvases. You set your own percentage for royalties. They actually PAY every month on sales. I get hundreds of hits a week there, and the marketplace is massive, world-wide, and lots of Aussies, New Zealanders, and Europeans on the site. Try signing up! You can upload one or five hundred images. They’re covered with a watermark, I don’t know how protected, but well, it’s the internet. Thanks again, buy a tote!

    • Hello Bette! Great to hear from you, thanks for the comment.
      RedBubble just started this late afternoon and I immediately set it up on the blog…and sold one to a Hawks Perch friend!
      I think it’s a great idea, a small handfull of the paintings and drawings can’t be applied but it looks as if about 90% can be turned into bags and pillows. The Aussies do a fabulous job on their products, I think these are terrific! And come in three sizes! Wahoo!

  3. Very impressive, those tote bags! I just ordered one for my sister, who is both a cat and a dog person. I chose the labrador because it resembles her “Charlotte.”

    • You’re amazing! Thanks, John. Please let me know how they turn out, though as I noted, RedBubble really does good work and they’ve never let me down. And imagine, the Labrador, I hope she loves it.

  4. Beautiful!

    Do you paint things for other people ever? Such as Labradors? 🙂

    Thanks! Laura Ps – always enjoy your blog!


    • Thanks so much, Vera. I haven’t been online much, other projects, this just cropped up as a new RedBubble feature and they look beautiful! I’m pleased to offer them, RedBubble does a gorgeous job with my work, on all the things they carry for me.

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