Cradle of the Sun


Oil on Canvas  50 X 30 inches

New Seascape Painting

Cradle of The Sun, fullDetail ~~ Cradle of the Sun

Cradle of The Sun, detailCRADLE OF THE SUN

There’s a storm coming in from far away places 

~~ sweeping up water, spray marking its path ~~ dark and fierce on a gentle cove.  Still visible inside fast-moving formations, the Sun is cradled by its cloudy banks. The golden strength hits boulders and quiet foreground pools which will be next to feel the crash of wind and sea. Large birds take  frenzy flight. And a viewer’s ready chair says ”Come to me”….a kind of magic seating….a match to the heady seascape beyond, and below, and around it.

This is a large canvas, the painting in oils. I started it several months ago, it went through considerable evolutions.  But when I began to surround the sun with clouds I could suddenly see their purpose.  It was to cradle the heavenly body, all fiery and gold the Sun, for the duration, then to open up and bring it back again to land swept clean, the Earth, its province.


2 thoughts on “Cradle of the Sun

  1. Another breathtaking canvas from the hand of a master which leaves me speechless. In fact, that might be the highest compliment I can give it, a painting which transcends words. Bravo!!!

    • Oh John. Many thanks for these words, and wonderful to hear them before you went speechless! It has a very good feel to it, this painting, a kind of heroic thing for its size or depth or something. One feels expansive in front of it. Great pleasure to work on. And when you get a wall……

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