Garden Rising

New Painting, May 2014


Oil on Wood. 36″ X 30″

Garden Rising, fullDetail of The Garden Is Rising

Garden Rising, left topGarden Rising, Right bottom

Come see this oil painting by Barbara Sparhawk

and so much more at

The Hawks Perch Gallery

The Historic Farm Center

9700 Carmel Valley Road at Robinson Canyon Road

Gallery Hours 11-4 Every Day


2 thoughts on “Garden Rising

  1. Truly magnificent, Barbara. Breathtaking, full of life. To wake up each morning in a studio filled with colorful paintings like this would be heaven indeed!

    • Thank you, John. It’s still kind of stunning to me that I’m practically living inside a greenhouse. I’m trying to get to the point where I’m painting all that hits my eyes, conveying the emotion of pleasure with the colors and forms I see. So very glad you like this. If you ever settle down anywhere with walls I will be sending such as this (or this!) at a great pace.

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