Thought to do some painting on the lovely bits of wood about the studio. Whole different experience, painting on wood.

This is  new. I don’t know if the view is through an opened door or window, maybe standing outside under the moon. I liked the cozy feel of it, the varied background from left to right. Very much really the way I live, as if inside a greenhouse. And I am at work continuously to bypass walls between two such events. Mentally and physically.

It’s name is   Night. Outside Inside.  Oil on Wood.  Old plank of pine. Probably. Maybe 12 X 36 inches

Night, Outside Inside, full image

Night, Outside Inside. Outside

Night, Outside Inside, Detail 1

Night, Outside Inside, Detail 2Night, Outside Inside, lilyNight, Outside Inside, full image                       Available for Sale. 

The Hawks Perch Gallery of the Historic Farm Center. 9700 Carmel Valley Road, Carmel Valley. Or email

for more details.

Better yet come for a visit! Open 11-4 daily.

Thanks for stopping by.



5 thoughts on “PAINT ON WOOD

  1. I’m guessing that wood has built in stains and textures which are perhaps both a challenge and a joy to incorporate into your design. Keep bandaids handy for the occasional splinter. 🙂

    • Quite right on all counts, John. Including the occasional splinter on rough old boards, or sanding them down in spots so there’s a paintable surface. I may be wrong but I don’t think stretched fabric was used much before the Renaissance. I swear, my profound early experiences with walls of concrete and plaster and wood still resonate with me. I find the doing of this very touchingly reminiscent.

  2. Fascinating how changing the medium from super smooth metal to grainy wood creates such diverse results. I believe you’re right about the wood adding depth and texture.

    • Thanks, Gunta.
      The garden is an enormous inspiration to me though I rarely paint directly from it the blazing images remain and follow me up to my easel in my studio. It’s very exciting to introduce a new medium. Something I’m sure you’ve experienced from changing lenses or lighting with your marvelous camera. I have two more to post later. Thanks again.

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