NEW PAINTINGS ~~~March 2014

                  Here are 4 brand new, original Sparhawk oil paintings. 

The original of    The Water LiliesLilies, Rowboat, Dock. Full. Dark has been re-worked since I first posted it. It’s a large canvas, about 36 X 30.  I had a splendid time continuing, developing and enriching the details, adding much including a rowboat and oar with an invisible enthusiast, the rope left behind wrapped ’round a sunken tree limb, and draped up at a dock. It is the product of a childhood memory.

Lilies, Rowboat, left


The Dawn Pond is two 12 X 12 inch canvases side by side. Farm Pond, Ducks, TwoFarm, Pond, Ducks. Right



Farm Pond, left, upper detail

  Road to the Pond 

Road to the Pond, full, bright

Both Dawn Pond and Road to the Pond (12 X 12 inches, oil on canvas) are from my photographs of the wild in the woods farm I’d rented in Virginia, less than a mile from Harper’s Ferry. It was sixty acres in the Blue Ridge range, log cabin, out buildings and barn from the mid 1800’s, and so striking in its varied landscape from meadows and ponds, hills with thick underbrush and tall trees, wild roses and wild flowers, an abandoned asparagus patch near the old stone garden house, wild berries, thousands of birds, owls and eagles, frogs and snakes, fox, bear, and mountain lions… name it….the lively and fabulous American woods.  I’m going to start painting more of those years. 

Camelias in Glass Bowl, FullThe Camelias, Camelias In Glass Bowl, detail whitewhich were painted from local bushes here, white Camelias to the left and hot pink camelias to the right of my Carmel Valley Gallery door, The Hawks Perch.  I believe I found myself slipped into Gauguin’s palette here. In the process I discovered that Gauguin came to his marvelously intense darks, which he used abundantly in shadows and plants, by adding an off yellow like Turner’s Yellow maybe, to black, producing a wonderful green highlight.  He’d also use rust/orange in interesting blocks or spots, and blues nearby. I don’t ordinarily use such combinations but was pleased to find it for the dark Camelia leaves, and the colors around them.

Come for a visit! THE HAWKS PERCH GALLERY, The Farm Center, Carmel Valley Road at

Robinson Canyon Road.  Open 11 ~ 4 Every Day!


8 thoughts on “NEW PAINTINGS ~~~March 2014

    • Thanks so much, John. It was quite an experience in that place. I made an album (in the old days, camera and rolls of film, developing at the drugstore, all that) and I’m so glad I did. When I look at the photographs now it’s with the eyes of first-sighting again. Time erases the rough edges of an arduous adventure. And yes, the Harper’s Ferry Farm, View from the Log Cabin you’ve got was done on the spot. So glad it’s with you. Soon as you have walls for it I’ll send more!

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