Stormy Cornwall. Now THAT’S a Wave!!

Now THAT’S a Wave! 2014 February 6-7-8 in Great Britain

Dozens of people line the sea wall at Porthcawl in South Wales, risk their lives, eager to get a look at the giant waves crashing ashore


A winter of storms and each more drama than the one before.  Maybe not the 100 footers of Peru or Maverick’s with surfers daring the ferocity of nature.  But the sea is impacting towns and coastal villages, and landing on top of thatched roofs, not a sandy shore!

These are current photographs from the UK Daily News, more HERE along with the towns flooded and people rescued. And some citizen fury at bad government planning when it comes to dykes and ditches and seawalls.Buildings on the sea front in Porthleven, Cornwall are dwarfed by a huge wall of water crashing on the front

Leaning into the wind………80 mph gales.A man is lifted off the ground as gale force winds sweep up his jacket in Sennen Cove, Cornwall

Lyme Regis, Gathering of Storm WatchersCrowds gather on the beach at Lyme Regis to watch as the power of the storm unleashes a series of rolling waves crashing over the Cobb

Southsea, Hampshire…35 Foot WavesGales of up to 80mph and 35 feet waves have created further flooding misery as a fresh series of storms sweep across Britain. Pictured: Giant waves lash the seafront in Southsea, Hampshire

High Tide Breaking at Porthleven….High tide storm waves break at Porthleven. Britain is bracing itself for more storms and spells of rain over the weekend

No Hills to Head For….Get Out The Wellies and Bumbershoots!Severe flooding in Essex today meant ten people two dogs had to be rescued by Essex Fire by boat in Saffron Walden


14 thoughts on “Stormy Cornwall. Now THAT’S a Wave!!

  1. Your pictures do convey one thing. Which is the need to be prepared as we head into a time of great weather uncertainty. But I suppose the problem would be how to prepare when you have no past trend to follow.

    Great post.


    • Weather happens. Seems to me there are a couple of basic certainties:
      1. The press will get it wrong. And,
      2. There will always be stormy weather, sometime somewhere. But,
      3. Human beings are the best species ever born for sheer brilliance at adaptability. For instance. You pick up a beaver from anywhere on the planet and put it in a stream anywhere on the planet and it’s going to build the same house, forever. Humans are the only living things whose imaginations have led them to build astonishing dwellings of enormous variety to fit the land and shortages and meet the view, as individuals with ideas.
      And I adore beavers and all creatures great and small. But we are capable of remarkable beauty, strength, endurance, and wisdom. Along with warts and all. And need self-reliance and freedom more than trends. Don’t worry. And thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.

  2. Oh gosh!!!!! I had no idea! Folks over here in North AMerica are so consumed with the snow and frigid temps, that I’m not sure we’ve focused enough on Europe! Amazing pics of a scary time

    • They’ve had a long bad run, and now lots of flooding before a second series of storms are due to hit. It is a dramatic sea, I love the look of it, glad to not be standing too close by.
      Thanks for stopping by, LB. I like your motorcycle adventures on your blog.

  3. Holy Crap is right! These shots are amazing! I don’t know what happened, but all my WordPress subscriptions disappeared. It was after I wante to I follow a guy in the South of France, so probably operator error! LOL

    • I think the south of France is still there, Kate, maybe the lines are wet. Or the satelites.
      Really amazing pictures, aren’t they, astonishing to see that kind of power. I hope the villagers have run for cover, off to a high dry place with tea and scones or a pint by the fire, and not watching the sea from the second story windows. If it all came in one swoop miles wide, I think that’s called a tsunami.
      At least this is one wallop at a go. Look how things are built there, solid old stone. Katrina dropped New Orleans under and it stayed. I hope they’ve actually done something useful there. And in Jersey.

    • I know! I kept thinking, well thirty foot waves, good for surfers, what’s the fuss….but it’s leaping over towns and villages, whomp!! There were earlier pictures of a brilliant guy who dug a five foot trench around his acres of his home, then a wall, and you can see the homestead protected and dry with the village behind him five feet under. I don’t know if witches are still burned at the stake in the UK but then he’s got the backhoes and tractors out front. Brilliant!

  4. Thanks for this collection about the fury of the sea. I had been following it on the U.K. news too. The same happened and is happening on the Atlantic coast of France. But I just spoke a few moments ago to my friend in Normandy where flowers are blooming and
    Spring has arrived. She said that the bad weather will come in March and wipe everything away… Today here three feet of snow outside… it is the Winter wonderland that we had not yet received this year.. Water is badly needed in this valley so we hope that a big snow pack in the high mountains will do us justice this Summer.

    • I think rather than the world coming to an end we’re just having a late rain. And nothing like what, as you say, Europe has faced. Snow and ice is one thing, and bad if you’re not prepared, but I don’t like floods.
      Thanks, Vera. Stay warm up in the northwest wilderness.

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