Lily Pond in Motion, January Paintings

I’m not entirely sure these 2 paintings are complete. But I think they are.

This is   LILY POND IN MOTION. Lily Pond In Motion, center top

I wanted to get a feel for a pond and those mystic flowers, the water lilies that bob the surface. Or maybe it’s of gently still cove waters, moved by air and slight currents between sun and shade, some fallen branches always at a pond’s curving ends and middles. Sometimes you get into a painting and it keeps going, you keep finding changes to make, a different tilt and flow, shadows move around…this is that to me now, maybe something to keep on painting for a year.Lily Pond in Motion, right detail

Lily Pond in Motion  *******************************************************************************

This is  FLOWER IN VASE, AGAINST BLUE.Flower Against Blue, full

This is a fairly large canvas.  The thought here was strong foreground color, but sort of telescopic in that Flower Against Blue, centered, detailthe center is focused…then the edges fade off into whatever is back there in all that cobalt blue whispering sweet nothings and seducing the bloom out of the vase.Flower Against Blue, detailand off it goes……..

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For the original paintings, visit my Mid-Valley, THE HAWKS PERCH in Carmel, California Gallery, or email me at

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6 thoughts on “Lily Pond in Motion, January Paintings

  1. Wonderfully lively and fun to get lost in, Barbara. It’s a challenge to be bold and use the complimentary colors without being jarring. Nature does a good job at that and you did too.

    • Thank you so much. I’ve actually gotten back on this and it is developing in such an interesting way. I wasn’t sure it was finished. I added a row boat’s bottom and oar, a dock and rope, more lilies, and more ‘getting lost in’ with the water moving, bit more flow. Will post soon, new paints arriving on Monday. Thanks again for what you wrote.

  2. “all that cobalt blue whispering sweet nothings and seducing the bloom out of the vase.”

    YES! Too wonderful for words. Such rich sensuous colors that excite the soul! Your canvases never cease to amaze!

    • Thank you, John. These have both been (still are?) exciting to work on. I have the feeling I should leave the single bloom on blue alone now, not muddle it up. But the water lilies apparently continue to grow, and I had the thought this afternoon that the current is coming from a broader place, above center. About a week ago there was enormous turmoil in that pond til one day I said, No…too much action, the lilies would never stand for it.
      Your words are always wonderful, too. As are your photographs.

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