Smokey the Bear, Tear Down That Wall !!

  Where Have You Gone, Smokey we once loved (

   And stomp that Ranger’s hat to dust! Who knew Rangers were such a cranky bunch of militants? Well, actually, about anyone who’s had to deal with one of them, and on the Central Coast they are everywhere, armed, and not very pleasant.


Troubling to see Forest Rangers turning against civilians who hired them. And against WWII Vets, Vietnam Vets, foreign tourists, joggers in the park. I think they need de-funding. Let’s eliminate the jobs.  They’ve been given an extraordinary power which may not even be legal. And they’re enjoying it way too much. The picture below is from a Redding newspaper; ranger arresting a house painter for posting his business flier in a national park.

U.S. Forest Service officer Paul Zohovetz detains Jeff Newman at his Chico home in February 2010 after Newman reportedly became uncooperative when Zohovetz attempted to issue him a verbal warning. Officials said Newman had violated Forest Service rules by posting a flier on a bulletin board on federal land. He was cited and released.  (Chico house painter arrested 2010 off the reservation; posted his business flier on Fed Bulletin Board.)


The Christian Science Monitor did a great story on the excesses we’re seeing, called “Catch Me If You Can.”  Worth a read. These are the last paragraphs….(Full Story Click Here).

“On Monday, the US Sportsmen’s Alliance joined the fray, sending Mr. Obama a letter protesting the shuttering of public hunting lands and inland fisheries at the cusp of the hunting season.

The letter stated that the closures are happening on lands deemed by law to be “priority public use,” which sportsmen argue supersedes any quibbling over the federal budget. The lands were not closed during government shutdowns in 1995 and ’96, notes USSA president Nick Pinizzotto, in a press release.

“Not only are these closures unnecessary, they run contrary to law,” he said. “This is ‘political theatre’ at its very worst.” “


4 thoughts on “Smokey the Bear, Tear Down That Wall !!

  1. Ask a person who immigrated to this country from one with an oppressive government what they think about the direction of the current regime in this country and you will get an earful. The words always sound good from those in power but eventually the knock on the door in the middle of the night will come in one form or another. That IRS was used to stifle a political view has now been brushed under the rug and ignored. “as long as they kick somebody else, I don’t care. I didnt like that somebody else anyway”

    • Wise comment. We are, nonetheless, citizens with long memories and expectant of truth and justice despite the ineptitude of government. That the reactions of idiots are the chiefest headlines does not mean it is a country of idiots. I don’t believe, even if attention drops, that the outrages will be ignored. Too much seared in too many minds.

  2. For reasons that are inherent to the job the U.S. policemen have escalated their power position making many of us feel as if we were living in a police state (I think we are), but I did not know that this plague has infected park rangers too.
    Thanks for this post.

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