HAWAII’s Genetically Engineered Corn Crops


Hawaii, Kauai, Oahu, Maui and Molokai have lost most of their sugar crops to corn production, being enthused along by the usual suspects in genetically engineered corn.  It takes a year to a produce a good corn crop in Hawaii instead of the mainland’s midwest 3 years. That makes for more facile experimentation. There’s a lot of protest going on by islanders whose once soft tropical winds of paradise now, it is said, waft in pesticides and red dust, and windows closed against the newly hostile climate.

( Click for Full NY TIMES Article): “But the operations have expanded in the last two decades as the sugar and pineapple industries collapsed in the face of cheaper foreign competition and the state began seeking new uses for the abandoned land.

Monsanto, Pioneer, Syngenta, Dow and BASF occupy a combined 25,000 out of the state’s 280,000 acres of agricultural land, with operations on Kauai, Oahu, Maui and Molokai.”

Worth knowing about.   .


8 thoughts on “HAWAII’s Genetically Engineered Corn Crops

    • It IS regulated — in favor of operators paving their way with big bucks to politicians in Hawaii with their paws out. So damn much money thrust into the hands of people with the power to change lives, and an unspeakable greed in government for it now. I’ve never seen politicians so ruthless, rapacious, and self-serving in my life. Remember, every single seat in Congress and a chunk of Senate seats are up for the vote in 2014.

      • “Remember, every single seat in Congress and a chunk of Senate seats are up for the vote in 2014.”

        Shouldn’t that read “up for sale in 2014”?

        • Not this time. The country is angry. For instance, I’d like to see this last acting out episode by the feds result in the entire elimination of park ranger’s jobs. They now threaten Yellowstone visitors with arrest, guns, fines. The ownership of all federal land needs review. Immigration agenda rallies on the DC Mall today, but WWII vets turned away. Arbitrary closings. Disgusting. Million Truck Rally in DC on Friday…truckers intend to make citizen arrests of Congressmen. No, I think the worm’s turned. (And in case you haven’t seen it, the 1-800 number for Obamacare is 1-800-FUCKYOU). I’m not making that up.
          I believe the country’s had a bellyfull of the contempt directed at us inconvenient citizens.

    • Thanks for your comment, Whitebuffalo.
      Well yes, Monsanto’s in there but so are half a dozen other countries and crop fiddlers. The NYTimes article says this has been going on for years. Now the cat’s out of the bag and local protests are on the rise, got to be toxic to tourism at some point, especially if the complaints of red dust in the air and having to keep windows closed is true. And I had no idea sugar cane and pineapple are no longer the main crops of Hawaii. Of course if we still had an active press and reporters who weren’t paid off not to print what’s fit to read, we’d have heard about it sooner.

      • Sadly the mainstream media is corporate dictated.
        And heaven forbid we lowly serfs know any truth.
        A friend’s daughter lives and works in Hawaii–she can’t breathe properly at the higher elevations because of the toxic air there. Lower and cooler she gets by. Talk about a canary in a coal mine….

        • Amazing to read that. And DECADES of this going on without a single word escaping from the islands to the mainland. No free press any more. No truth. Hawaii must be frantic keeping this quiet. It reminds me of ”Jaws” and Cape Cod’s tourism defense.

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