Hoorah the Spotted Cat!


Helping Wild Things Prosper

Promotional Slideshow  Cape Leopard Trust
One fine day whilst searching for details on a silvery plant

Not Dusty Miller

which grew to gloriously ridiculous proportions in my garden (see Alice in Wonderland’s Overcoat) I met its kin on the Internet, a South African version of Dusty Millers. I also met its South African photographer, pioneer gardener, and wild life enthusiast, Diana Studer who lives with her husband Jurg at Elephant’s Eye on the Cape.

After my last blog on Zimbabwe’s elephants she wrote of her own rescue work, the welfare of The Cape Spotted Leopard. They caught, sedated, examined, banded then freed a wild Cape Leopard, a crew of skilled veterinarians and helpers on hand, as we do locally with our Big Sur Condors.

Diana Studer posted a fascinating story and photographs on this major event, 30 March 2012 “Caught A Cape Mountain Leopard”.  They are smaller than the more famous relative, no record of attacks on humans, but are killed by farmers protecting their livestock. Few of these small cats remain, their range is TEN TIMES of what’s required of large leopards. You can visit their site if you wish to learn/help the Cape Leopard Trust.


I am in the process of starting an Adopt An Elephant system here linked to an African refuge, to be called The Farm Center Elephants or, if there are no other shop enthusiasts who can be roped in, The Hawks Perch Gallery Elephants.  I plan to open it to everyone’s participation by adopting an elephant to whom benefits will accrue with the goal of expanding to a full herd!  Anyone who choses can go directly to the elephant site to contribute to OUR ELEPHANT with no middle man interference and I’ll have the info printed up locally and on my blog. I suspect the amounts can be small and still provide for the chosen elephant’s care and feeding for a year and into the future, extra chow and plumped cushions! Wowsa! I’m thinking the more the merrier. We’ll get to know names, progress, friends, and habits. And possibly expand to Spotted Cats, Hippos, Rhinos, and Cheetahs as we grow.
   Elephant Caught Making Art

NOTE: I don’t generally approve of disclaimers, I prefer to stand by what I say universally. My experience with all of these groups is limited at the moment, I’m new to them. I advise we all use our instincts and life experiences as we get to know their work and ambitions.



8 thoughts on “Hoorah the Spotted Cat!

    • And who’d thunk it so. I found the place I went to around 2006 or 07. lots of elephants, and a fabulous orphaned Rhino. There are hundreds I mean HUNDREDS of adopt elephant sites apparently tres chic, movie star turf, but it hasn’t stopped the poachers either. I am overly fond of Rhinos and Hippos. I mean, how can anyone possibly get enough of looking at those incredible expressionist creations, and quite frankly the rhinos remind me of Wilbur. But elephants who paint, yes, may require serious research to find the portrait subject above. Stand by…….

    • Thank you, Vera! I’ll go look at Cheetahs, too. I’m wondering if I just sit here we won’t start getting terrific suggestions and resources like yours. I am inclined to help the Elephants and Rhinos first, then the big cats (Leopards, Panthers, Cheetahs, Lions). Spotlights, and as Diana Studer said Candles, diminish easy cruelties.
      And I have to find out if Hippos need help!

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