Healthcare? No, Just Mad.Ave. on Steroids.

Nothing To Do With Health

Hoo boy have we been sold a bill of goods. It’s taken a couple of generations to convince the American public that we need something we don’t need. This success of Madison Avenue and entrenched, malicious politicos was a lot slower than the time it took to sell us on composting, garbage disposals, refrigerators instead of ice boxes (one good idea), 8 slot toasters, big television sets with less worth watching, and global warming. This has been one hell of a relentless. campaign.

Steady droning from every print source, expert, radio show and tv special since the ’80’s of how sick we all are and only hospitals (still killing 100,000 patients a year) and pharmaceuticals, emergency rooms, swat teams, and expanding insurance policies will be the fix.

Wait a minute. We are a country of healthy people who went through our inception, 2 World Wars and beyond with an uninsured public and steadily increasing life-expectancies.

Hysteria now rules the day. Ginned up fear promotes the mythology that, failing immediate access to people, goods, and buildings we don’t know or want, will kill us.

I wish the latest generations had the advantage of Norman Rockwell’s wise documents of his era.

Look at any of his paintings….(including kids with scraped knees not wearing helmets and winning fisticuffs with bullies)….of family visits to the local kindly doctor


(whose accomplished girth would be ostracized as obese) and you see images of grownups taking children into messy rooms brightly lit with human concern. By the time you were an adult and got through measles and whooping coughs you stayed healthy.

The genuinely useful medical advances that would have extended my grandpa’s life, notwithstanding, life used to be more interesting than memorizing the contents of complex druggery and the warnings:  just might cause blindness, loss of hearing, coma, and/or death. I am told by an insider who knows that the pharmacies at Safeway underwrites the entire operation of the supermarket chain. And from seeing those lines, I’d agree.

So now our government is engaged in a scandalous political war to provide or not provide something unbelievably costly to a population which, by polls of increasing negative response, does not want it.

Back to the days of rarely feeling sick, going to be examined if you do, getting advice and paying the physician for it,    in case you do something foolish or risky. Which as Americans we should damn sure be doing more of on a regular basis, and counting on ourselves to heal, flushing the sewers of DC swampland, setting term limits, listening to ourselves, with citizens back to leading the way.


5 thoughts on “Healthcare? No, Just Mad.Ave. on Steroids.

  1. Don’t worry, be happy. The government knows what is best for you. You don’t need to do anything except pay your taxes. They are here to help you OUT! OUT! Just tell em which door. Big business pays the piper to do its bidding. But who is the piper? IT’S THE GOVERNMENT! Who should you really kick? Why the one kicking you, and it’s the GOVERNMENT which we elect. But who we elect is based upon our own special interests as individuals so we get what we deserve. Corporations can’t vote.

  2. Seems to me you may have the wrong end of the stick. The impulse to provide affordable health care is a benevolent one, but when profit was introduced into our health care was when it all went to hell in a handbasket. Ask the folks who need legitimate medical care without being driven into poverty for it. Have you ever taken a close look at a bill for something like a spinal injury. It’s one of the most insane and obscene things I’ve every seen. That’s not to mention the amount the insurance companies rake in for their high profits. Just compare the doctor’s office you were going all nostalgic over… with doc and perhaps a nurse/receptionist to answer a phone and/or assist the doc. These days you have dozens of people running around trying to deal with insurance company billing whose main objective seems to be to avoid paying legitimate claims……
    Sorry, end of rant! 😦

    • Differing opinions ALWAYS welcome.
      I would not deny horrific problems with current and past health care delivery.
      I have 2 serious problems with Obamacare, which was ill-conceived, and none of our representatives in DC who voted YES either read it or yet know what’s in it. Any ‘law’ over a few pages is an abuse of law, this was over 2,000 pages.
      Secondly, the program is going to be carried out by government hire-ees, who are under-trained and given to spite. I lived 27 years in NYC where seven out of ten residents worked for the government. From 911 to DMV to taxes to licensing for anything and everything government offices are the path to hell. Example: call the IRS with a question 3 times get three conflicting answers. This time, the health care bureau is going to be run by the same careless people, with total access to every bit of every individual’s invaded history, and get ‘inadvertantly’ published, lost, misplaced, and whoopsed, who are never held accountable for any of it.
      Citizens are losing coverage now because companies who covered them are scaling back employee hours to fall under the incredibly punitively costly mandates.
      You and I are paying all federal employee health care benefits now because Senate/Congress judged it too severe a burden for staffers making 100,000. Obama exempted them. He’s exempted allies and contributors.
      It’s on Joe Doe’s back. There’s nothing on the plus side for the average citizen. Health care is open to llegal aliens, another tax burden. Even good Hospitals are not run free of costs. There’s nothing free about any of it, it means more taxing.
      One selling point was care for ‘existing conditions’ and it turns out the funds have already been diverted for that. And what of the “Death Squads” which really exist, committees we will never know or see who decide the future medical care of you and me, judging us worthy or unworthy of attention.
      I don’t want the government in charge of any of this. They have no constitutional authority, no common sense, and no business in my business or how I choose to conduct my life.
      I think we can hardly begin to imagine what’s in store with nationalized health programs. Forbes just calculated an additional $7,000 plus a year for a family of four for coverage under this free healthcare plan. I don’t see it working for anyone who needs help.
      If changes need making, this is not the right way to do it.

      • I can’t claim to have read all 2,000 pages. And of course the legislation was the metaphorical sausage making. Pity the politics didn’t allow for a MediCare for all. I can’t think of a single problem with that system off hand. As for your “Death Squads”…. I think I’d take a bureaucrat over an insurance company any day to be making the decisions.

        • It seems all a great mess with no fix on the table. As to bureaucrats vs insurers I just don’t want either. We have a government that continues to distress and confuse, and I didn’t vote for that. All the discussion going on NOW should have come out before anything got passed into law, after we were told what it all meant. The country isn’t happy, part of why I called on Norman Rockwell, who still warms my heart. Thanks for joining in, Gunta. Good to hear your views.

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