Butter Prices Gone Berzerk


I love butter.  I use, enjoy, indulge in, am happy when there’s butter in my house.

It’s not ALL I buy, but I look for it at bargain prices so I can the most bang for my buck.  I mostly shop at the closest groceries and that’s Safeway. Sometimes I make a drive to Carmel’s Bruno’s where I not only get a rare food emporium experience but also proximity to the fabuloso Pacific Ocean.  And Bruno’s is generally first class, delightful, pricier on most things …though not all. 

But I’m talking BUTTER here. Bruno’s is always $2 bucks more a pound than Safeway.  I know that. They rarely change their price, about $6.99 a pound.  Which is actually cheaper than the River Inn grocery store in Big Sur.   BUT…..Yo, Safeway!  What up?

For the past six months or so SAFEWAY has taken upon itself to escalate up and drop down the price of butter on a daily basis.  Can they possibly imagine, especially in these frugal and trying times, that the customer does not notice? A pound of butter cost $2.99 on Tuesday and $4.99 on Friday and maybe $3.69 on Thursday.


I’ve had impassioned discussions in those aisles (next to the yogurt and cheese) with other shoppers ALL OF US registering shock and awe.  Nobody likes it.  A lot of us just walk away.


Safeway must be consulting with the knuckleheads who sell cigarettes and gasoline, another arbitrary up one day down the next up higher after that marketplace.  Or the bread and coffee guys. WELL WE NOTICE!  CUT IT OUT.

This is chancy misbehavior for a retailer, in fact, bordering on psychotic.  The country is feeling as if it’s being screwed with on every level these days anyway.  We don’t like that either.  But you’re a store.  Unlike Obamacare, we can take our business elsewhere. Straighten out and fly right. This is practically bait and switch. Screw you!


2 thoughts on “Butter Prices Gone Berzerk

  1. PS: Is that a stick of Irish butter by any chance?. It has the color of the Irish butter that I used to buy at Trader Joe.
    Since I have become “old” my daughter shops for me and I have decided to NO LONGER worry about such things, as a results I sometimes eat plastic ham and plastic cheeses, but that is another story. I will ask her about the fluctuations in American butter prices in Idaho at Albertson….. I also love butter and even make butter sandwiches, and sliced bread fried in butter. Ever made drawn butter for putting on fresh pasta? if not, ask me. Bye. V.

    • I would LOVE to know how to make drawn butter, tell tell tell! Lovely to meet another butter enthusiast, hoorah!
      And yes it looks like delish Irish butter to me too, though the photograph is an unclaimed floater. I buy Irish butter by the 1/2 lb. when I only have the 2.49 or 2.99 and not the 4.99 for a lb of the domestic. I’m good at stretching a buck, though being broke is expensive.
      Tell daughter to go to the deli for sliced real stuff next time. 1/4 to 1/2 a pound of things like Black Forest Ham and rare roast beef and Provolone or chedder are good for about two days with me, cheaper in the long run and so much better.
      Ah, butter. Nothing like it.
      Thanks, Vera.
      Don’t forget the recipe.

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