August. The Woman, The Horse, The Dog, The Birds

New Painting  Oil on Canvasboard 9 X 12 inches

The Beach Day


The Woman, The Horse, The Dog, The Birds, The Sand, The Ocean,

The Sky

8 thoughts on “August. The Woman, The Horse, The Dog, The Birds

  1. I hope that you will take it as a compliment but I see shadows of both Picasso
    (but sweeter – although he could be sweet when he wanted) and also Renoir but much more dynamic. The sea and sky are ALL yours and so is the white horse peeking ! Great work.


    • Thank you Vera! I’m never put off by comparisons of my work to other painters, and your observations seem very accurate to me. The only things I ever faulted Renoir of Monet for were their failure in the oomph department. I like dynamic!
      For several days the woman was alone on the beach but I thought, no there’s more going on here, there’s probably a horse, and birds. And oh, definitely a dog happy as she to be there. Thank you again for the complements.


      • Yes, for all the supposed activity that their paintings (R. and M.) are presenting to us, they are pretty static …
        I myself like Cezanne because in him at least geometry and expanses of color take over and that creates its own dynamical counterpoint.


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