Death of the Computer~Here Comes Backlash


The Backlash


Along with feeding the cat and making coffee within the first minutes of rising, turning on the computer has always been a happy  I-wonder-wassup  part of my morning routine.

I realized this morning for the first time in memory I was looking at the little glowing humming machine on my desk with suspicion and contempt.

I don’t like it anymore.

     Once upon a time it was an adventure. An open university. Writing fast and easy to new friends and old. Access to the entire world. Discovery. Reading the news in real-time.

     Now it’s the Hall Monitor on steroids. The genies inside my laptop are recording what I do, listening to those I talk to, reading my mail, making judgements about my health, my shopping, sharing what’s found with an international network of strangers and secret societies I never wanted to be in contact with.  What I find and look for and discover on the internet has suddenly taken second place. It may soon stop mattering to me altogether.

     The genius computer geeks who have turned their focus and made their fortunes on PC’s and their offspring, may be in for a surprise. They may face an unexpected backlash.

The enchantment is over. I know I’m not alone. The illusion is that no one can or will from this decade forward ever want or dare live without a computer again.

Maybe it’s not true.





2 thoughts on “Death of the Computer~Here Comes Backlash

    • I’m always shocked that anyone under 40 finds no intrusion with seatbelt and babyseat laws inside their cars. But I also recall the main drive of my youth as being invisible, not found if I didn’t want to be and lying about where I’d been. Also a natural phenomenon, and not lost to me after all these years. I have hope, hope it’s not blind.

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