For the past ten years I have been unable to find a package I wanted to get inside that the producer of the package made sure I wouldn’t get inside to get their product.

How can that be. And yet it be. The too clever by half manufacturers of anything you can name figured out how to make plastic uninvasive, metal foil untearable, boxes unopenable.  I just got a goddamn box of soup that was so complicated to squeeze, press, pop and tear that I finally stabbed it center and got about half in my cookpot and will never buy it again. And the soup was really good! though I’d never buy it again.

What are the drug addled moronic idiot stupid knuckleheads who make packages thinking. You cannot find the entry to a bag of catfood, a chunk of cheese, a box of cookies, or sliced salami in airless wrap without using a pair of scissors.  There is no greater incentive for fresh vegetables than to know for sure that you can get at it and eventually eat it. And now the insanity is part of daily internet visits.

A headline leads to a story leads to a page leads to a bouncing page leads to a bouncing page with video then a video with commercials then a blocked out screen with warnings or offers of something you never wanted which leads to no longer caring about the interesting headline that led you there.

Which leads me to believe that authors of on-line articles are in cahoots with the guys who put soup in un-openable boxes.

And that not a single one of them is interested in the consumer actually getting to the product being sold.


WRAP RAGE (click for Wikipedia details).


8 thoughts on “PACKAGING: 21st CENTURY DILEMMA

  1. I agree.I also daily battle with un-operable boxes and packaging. Each one a rubik cube in reverse. It now requires a reverse engineering kit to open packages of food. I thought I was the only one to be frustrated by this. And what about the upside down bottles that let the content flood out when you finally open the top? I won’t mention the duplicitous problems to get to the bits of news or information one wants to simply read, particularly since – in spite of my age – I still prefer to READ a story at my own pace.
    I think that ‘ they ‘ only want us to BUY things, never mind if they can be used with the aid of a pickax. There might be a market for a kit called ‘ let us help you open it ‘… LUHYOI….as not yet seen on TV.
    What galls me is that there are legions of ‘designers’ who gain their livelihood devising such hermetic seals on packages.

    A great post Barbara!

    • Thank you, Vera. I hit a common chord and glad not be alone and miserable. Too stupid to have something and actually CAUSE the buyer to hate it before it’s used or consumed. Apparently some of it has to do with airtight safety packages that can’t be tampered with, thanks to the Tylenol poisoners. And the hysteria over children. I will never forgive those responsible for child-proof packaging.

  2. LOL, so true, and so hilarious! A box cutter, a Swiss Army knife, and a pair of scissors are a big part of both my kitchen and my office arsenal.

    As always, such a refreshing look at an annoying part of our everyday lives!

    bigsurkate on iPhone

    • Thanks, Kate. And you know every time I spend ten minutes trying to get into something sealed for eternity I’m thinking, What about the poor campers! Out on the trail with no hammer and chisel. The only improved thing is pull top cans. Remember the sardines that used to come with a key. Which always broke the tip zipper before you got near the fish.

  3. I don’t buy vegetables but for me computer and camera gadgets and gizmos are the worst to open. I always cut myself on the hard plastic. Cussin’ works but only after much struggle. 🙂

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