Accidentally found the most delightful collection of children’s clothing. There is nothing I wouldn’t have given, traded, begged, thrown tantrums to be dressed in such whimsical beguiling delight. Even the shoes are magical!

They do have some women’s sizes for about 12 sweet things. Best of all EVERYTHING is now HALF PRICE from the Spring Collection and a bit less off for Summer. FREE SHIPPING!  I can’t fit in the baby stuff (major diet incentive) but just looking at these wonderful things and darling unadulterated children was divine. Have a look…..

 From PERSNICKETY (click for link to store)

Grey and red

Red Lou Lou Top

Red Floral Annabelle DressRain CoatPink Petunia Jacket Wasn’t that fun.
Ah youth.


4 thoughts on “PERSNICKETY

    • Thanks for the comment, Charlie. I agree, really top flight photographer. And most especially these little children, who are all glowingly endearing, and actually, whew! look like children!

    • I know! The first one is also my favorite. Too funny of you, but yes, I kept thinking who do I know this size??? and I don’t. I just love the comfy, inventive, wearable and feminine everything on there and it’s all on sale! Good prices. Sigh. Up until a couple of years ago I used to wear a lot of very colorful leggings. I’m going to dig them out.

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