Weeners To Love

Welcome to Politics.

Everything Old is New Again

No Justice No Piece

There’s a psychopath running for New York Mayor, which is not news in itself. The kind of mentally disturbed twerp he is, a sexual pervert and predator, is not even news. That a soulless man wants to run a major metropolis is politics as usual.  All politicians are held in contempt for good reason. However, Weiner twitters shots of his crotch all atwitter to little girls he trolls up on the internet. I bet Weiner thought Newt’s divorce of a dying wife (not even true) and pictures of J Edgar Hoover in drag were an outrage.

Not to be outdone, rumor has it that Mr and Mrs Weiner will be wearing dildos on their heads for all campaign stops. On election day you get an autographed copy of Weiner’s Facebook pix and a free WeinerPhone in the shape of, er, His Honor’s weener!

The Kennedys were very big on perversion. Jack liked his juvenile assistants to service the family, and Marilyn serviced the boys he pointed to, and used Lawford as his pimp. Teddy was more of a snuff porn kind of guy. Maria married Arnie who paraded his mistress at public affairs and set the chippie up in the maid’s room for the private ones, and paid her a retainer. Oh, examples are endless.

Hillary, patron saint and employer of Huma the Weiner’s wife is a stick by your sticky man kind of gal. And the Islamists would stone her to death if she divorced the scuzz. There’s a San Diego Mayor in trouble with Gloria Allred for suggesting his female staff kiss him. But no photos of his erect member have surfaced. The day is young.

And we’re in an era of no closets. There simply isn’t anything to ‘come out of” anymore, making the mood du jour a life of excess to advance your prestige in the eyes of the voter. And who’s voting anyway, only government employees (notorious for loving porn, spending taxpayer bucks on themselves, and playing Star Trek Aliens).  And illegal immigrants (notorious for loving porn, spending taxpayer bucks on themselves, and being Aliens).

Oh God! Just thought how embarrassing it will be after they sneak into the country with their illegal drugs and guns and forty family members and are kissed on both cheeks, go on welfare and get food stamps and free medical and an Obamaphone without the cruelty of ID or driver’s license or insurance, illegals will be told they MUST vote for a sexual deviant! That is SO insulting. Can’t we do something? No justice no piece.


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