Summer Solstice – 3 New Paintings

Bird of Paradise Cloud in Coffee Pot  on EaselSUMMER SOLSTICE the longest day taking forever to get here with winter at our backs and spring too cold and how can it be that tomorrow the planet begins to rescind all we have waited for.

Bird of Paradise Cloud, 1Bird of Paradise in Coffee Pot With Clouds

So I paint flowers for this delicate cusp of a day wherein the heart sings with all that’s radiant, I paint to hold this high note longer. Peruvian Lilies in LaliquePeruvian Lilies in Old Lalique Crystal VasePeruvian Lilies

I seldom paint flowers to only make a pretty picture.Tulips in Blue Glass With Orange and Garlic BudTulips in Blue Glass Vase With Orange and Garlic Bud

It is the road to discovery…my brush in my hand…where will this take me. What is in your dreams. How did you do this. Why does it thrill me. How are we similar.


6 thoughts on “Summer Solstice – 3 New Paintings

  1. Summer Solstice is a big event out of Latvia’s pagan past. It’s far enough north to have sunlight pretty much that entire day (though I would think the winter equivalent would be daunting). Much celebrating with good food and spirits and bonfires and girls with flower wreaths in their hair, while the males do oak cluster wreaths…. a good time had by all.

    Your flowers and mention of the solstice brought all this to mind… 😉

    • Thanks for reminding me of all the partying connection, song and dance and flowers in the hair. I know in Big Sur there’s usually some to-do, and it is a glorious kind of acknowledgement of planetary changes. I could do with longer days all year round, I love light at 9 at night and very early dawns. Glad to inspire good thoughts.

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