String Quartet Plays on Tarmac in Flight Delay


Dateline: BEIJING

Dvorak’s  American” , the finale movement

A group of American musicians from The Philadelphia Orchestra played Dvorak on board a plane held on the tarmac for a 3–hour delay in Beijing. Two violinists, one cellist, one viola player.

 It was a return trip, forty years after they became the first orchestra to visit China.

Pretty exquisite stuff. Listen through to the cheering applause. Does a heart good.


7 thoughts on “String Quartet Plays on Tarmac in Flight Delay

    • YES! Wasn’t that touching, a spontaneous outpoouring of what can be done, and such a beautiful piece. Thanks, Vera. Always so good to hear your artist’s voice.

  1. So utterly cool when things like this occur.
    Check out this one I posted awhile back…. guaranteed to get your toes tapping and bring a smile to your face.

    • You’re not alone. I burst into tears. What a change from wrestling underwear bombers to the floor at 30,000 feet. Wasn’t it lovely. Yes yes yes. Thanks, John.

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