FEDZILLA: Every Government Agency is the IRS 


The internet is abuzz with brand new daily revelations about the great federal netting up                            
of your every telephone conversation, tweet,

text and breath. Everything bearing capitals for

a name is collecting.

You know, I read the stories with interest.

What the government is up to, disclosed long after the fact as usual, all this worst case scenario etc.
And I’m thinking, okay that’s a lot of data. What are they doing with it. You’d have to figure out how to store it. So library style, classify into genre. So it gets ‘profiled’ into A, B, C… Gun Owners. Home Schoolers. Families Who Camp Out. People Who Build Their Own Houses. People Who Own Trucks. People Who Like To Write Books. People Who Listen to Chinese Opera.
And Whoa!
FEDZILLA is here. I see commerce.
I see agents assigned to subdividing lists to target potential business contacts. If Google, now an active regime cohort, has been doing this in the open well wahoo is this a list gathering with style and unimaginable reach or what.
And we are talking about an exceptionally greedy government. Maybe they’re getting 4 cents back on every tent sold to campers on the terrorist list…identified by FBI seizures of private conversations…paid by mid-eastern Yurt builders. Imagine the use of medical records sold to drug manufacturers, all classified into who uses what!    Zowie.

There’s more to this than the this. If it looks like a, smells like a, acts like a, it is A Coup D’Etat. A very odd one.

Cherchez la moolah.                photo:teamlassen.com


4 thoughts on “FEDZILLA. IRS ‘r’ Us

  1. Thanks for all this, Vera. I’ll take a look.
    Edward Snowden has come forward, the NSA whistleblower who has been leaking security information to the Guardian newspaper in Britain. I just posted a short blog on him, called Crisis of Conscience. Would that our politicians suffered similarly.

  2. You are totally right. We have absolutely slid into fascism all coated over with grand words like “national security”, “free enterprise” , “the people for the people by the people”, and the still most effective for simplistic minds who love violence: ” war on terror ” etc.
    The American chickens have come home to roost and they are vultures.

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