Dawn Music of the Hindu


   Many years ago I read a bit of Hindu thinking on DAWN and never forgot the ancient philosophers addressing daybreak. It was, if memory serves (as the loaned out book is long gone and the loanee long forgotten):

Vibration comes from many places in many forms. And it plays an enormous role in all the functioning of the planet~~its creatures and all living things. Music of the spheres is not a made-up thing of fancy.

THE BIRDSONG OF DAWN sets up vibrating air waves. These vibrations are drawn in by plants, and that song results in movement, the flow of sap and energy inside the plant. It is this which begins and produces growth.  Life would not exist without it.

My meadow and the river bank it borders is home to a thousand feathery lives. It occurs to me that the rapid air beating of the hummingbird’s wings must have a powerful effect on a flower. A rush of oxygen. Vibrating sound. Being milked of nectar. I may start experimenting, singing to plants.

There’s been a lot of study on the idea leading various places. But it remains a lovely, stimulating thought that may set some vibration going in the reader’s brain next waking at sunrise. A song is worth letting in for a co-mingle. A rose is a rose is a rose. But a garden is never simply a garden.

(Bird with diagram: futurity.org.) (blue/green bird photo credit: sodahead.com) (Bird of Paradise: hawaiipictures.com)


2 thoughts on “Dawn Music of the Hindu

    • There are no exceptions to the vibrating universe, they are a certain thing unto and of themselves like a rock or a river or a thought in existance. All they are NOT….. is anti-life.

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