Carmel Valley Poppies

The Mahalia Poppy bushes across the road are in a huge glorious display of six footers. These found their way to my home where they are being painted as we speak.  Painting soon. Reality now. They grow with a little hand written sign that says “Drink Me.”

Garden May patioGarden, end May 2013DSCF4671Garden MaySpring is sprung. Enjoy.


6 thoughts on “Carmel Valley Poppies

    • I think I half did this for you, in the rain and cold and Yellowstone, bit of sunshine headed in your direction. Glad ou like it, I hope the paintings are a match for the real thing.

    • Thanks, Gunta. I never had until four years ago when I moved onto Pfeiffer Beach. In the meadow on a very slight rise in full sun these things appeared one day out of the blue and continued to open and expand for maybe a fifteen foot run (they do tubers but are shallow and easy to disgorge) and at least seven feet high. I almost passed out. They seem to do two spurts a year here, suddenly they’re everywhere even along the highway.
      The stand on Pfeiffer was very old, and the blossoms as big as your head (or my head). Younger plants have smaller blooms. The petals are like Dior dress and brilliant yolk center s gathering of stamens with an interesting pale green center. Glad you’ve met.

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