Google Glass, Auxilliary Brain for the Dreadfully Inept

auxiliary brain.

photo from Drudge Report

I suspect this is an adjunct to the body part removal movement, the joyful replacement of outdated flesh, bone, blood, and organs with superior manmade attachments. The frenzy-level subjugation of instinct, impulse, and ability to memorize poetry.


Rather sad, this.

Wearer’s publicly claiming they cannot think, do not remember, fail to observe, cannot reason, and will intimidate all comers by collecting useless information on strangers to be secretly stored in their spaceships. 

It needs to come with a forehead tattoo that says


Which Lewis Carroll said better, describing the ship’s crew in

The Hunting of the Snark

full poem


3 thoughts on “Google Glass, Auxilliary Brain for the Dreadfully Inept

  1. This is what my daughter call the “magic bullet” search. Something that will scientifically fix things while we do nothing.
    I think it is part of the submissive culture of these latest days = ” “they” will fix it for us.” There are different facets to this mind-set.
    One is the inculcated-calculated fear. Another is the blind belief that science will solve everything.
    Not everybody fortunately thinks like this, but a majority probably does. Thank you Barbara for stimulating subjects.

    • You’re very welcome, and thanks always for your comments.
      I’ve been reading little about these things, then yesterday a really stupid NYTimes article giving the impression the wave of the future was just some fine destiny and only the deranged could live without them. It sounded like a paid Google Glass ad, and may have been. And I kept looking at these things and thinking these are for people who, as you say, want machines to serve all causes including intellect, who are they kidding. The human brain is such a lovely unexplored land. I want to learn more of me, thank you. And increase my IQ not put it in a wheelchair.

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