A Cautionary Life? No thanks.

To the consumer keen to avoid deadly disease, toxic food, keep termites off his timbers, and prevent a huge lot of things we never knew existed, a new advertising scheme is spreading onto the airwaves.  I hear it. 

Termites are eating your house. Bird flu is in your water supply. Electric currents behind your walls are about to spark to fire. There are alien things with complex names streaming through your blood and ravaging your body. The theme is: what you cannot see and do not feel will sure as shootin’ kill you. Be very afraid, and buy what we’re selling.

Now, I’m thinking there’s something wrong with that picture.

The premise, worth rejecting, is that the average human being is numb to his own references, reactions and surroundings. That we are oblivious to who we are. And that we are all exactly the same, and how we live our lives makes no difference.

I’ve led my own life radically differently from every other family member I’ve known. Three-quarters of my family had diabetes and heart disease and I do not. Something, by the way, I have never put on any few medical forms I filled out.  But being fed with scientific certainty that I OUGHT to be perennially fearful I will have the diseases of distant individuals I am not remotely similar to, would affect me if I let it, even if we share DNA. 

I have, among other things, will power. A determination to be aware of my body and accountable for my actions. And reactions produced by my behavior, both in me and the world at large. And I will not take the extended scolding hand of the politically corrected, insisting I deny instinct based on my experience and intellect, and my own sharply honed ideas of how to run my life lo these many years of working on that.

Our world has never before been so cluttered with medical machinery, tests, analyzable DNA, and procedures which discover anything you’ve got, may get, used to have, or will cause you to go comatose Tuesday next. Cameras travel inside our bodies reporting to computers watched by medical experts. Sophisticated robots are now routinely used in surgeries. I can’t bear the concepts much less the applications.  All purporting to know more than we do.  Suppose they don’t.

Can we be so blind to what’s going on inside us to wake up one morning horrifically surprised by an invader.  Not likely. Possible but not routinely likely.  However, the more we are told that secret evil missions at work on or under our skin, which we cannot feel or see, which produce no symptoms, the more we will be organized to swallow all kinds of medicines to cure what we do not see or feel. Just in case. We are being propagandized in the fear and loathing of our own bodies and it’s very bad for us.

Surgeons are in the business of cutting things and eager to convince for the need to cut the body variously. They now recommend preventative surgeries, suggesting we go through the dangers of that and a hospital stay with distracted or drugged and incompetent staff in order to be sure we won’t get sick from something we don’t have currently, which will be very costly and hazardous…and may or may not do the trick. Have you noticed how common amputations are getting?

At the very same time in the world are multitudinous counter-movements relying on herbal treatments and shaman philosophies as alternatives.  It’s good education, but it is still outside of ourselves until the source becomes ourselves. 

Here’s my point. 

There are a lot of things humans will do to cut off feeling. Being scared does that. Feeling something new in our bodies, or losing a normal function does that. The worst response is failing to examine what’s gone awry.  Let the information rise to a conscious level, try to focus on exactly what it is that’s newly transpired, do some research, and reach a conclusion about what to do next. There are times we better know how to cure ourselves, and I’m thinking it’s most of the time.

There’s a reasonable impulse to turn immediately to doctors and hospital care when we are afraid for our lives. I’m only suggesting that we RE-learn to trust that our bodies are not intent to betray us.  Investigate what may have produced a change in pattern or health, and follow the very useful instincts of how to heal ourselves of whatever happened.  It is worth a shot. 

There’s really not much going on inside of us that we don’t know or can’t feel warnings of and can head off. Once we get and encourage and develop the knack of restoring ourselves to full function by listening to our bodies, it’s even easier the next time. And I’m not sure there’s any experience in life to equal what it feels like to heal oneself. 

We are fluid creatures, subject to change. That’s good.  It is NOT ultimately easier to find a pill or treatment that is costly, binding for life, and possibly hazardous. 

Take the time to explore your organism, to understand yourself in all your moods, in sickness and in health.



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