Angelina Jolie Decides to Have Brain Removed

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Angelina Jolie Decides to Have Brain Removed.   Will Continue “Body Dump” Until She Feels Safe.

In a bid to keep her children from realizing their mother is insane, Angelina Jolie has decided to have her brain removed.

“This was not an easy decision”, said a close friend who wishes to remain anonymous.

“They told me over the weekend, it’s a secret.  Angie’s doing a ‘body dump’ for stuff she doesn’t use.

“And in a spirit of sharing, Brad is going to have his breasts and ovaries removed. They are both so brave!”DaVinci

(Author’s note:)   If some bright surgeon gives you some kind of cockamamie odds like ‘87% chance’, maybe you need advice from some other surgeon, or a psychiatrist.

Jolie’s extraordinary choice to start dissecting herself while still alive (?) is some Hollywood one-upmanship gone mad.

This is done to keep the babies from being afraid???  Be very afraid, little babies.  This is borderline psychotic. Your body parts are in danger. And wait and watch….Little girls all over the world are going to be imitating her.


8 thoughts on “Angelina Jolie Decides to Have Brain Removed

  1. Off topic: I wonder why I am not getting your posts even though I have clicked the “follow you” link . This one did not arrive yet, May 17, 7:25 pm in SW Idaho. Now I’ll go check the spam file, but why would it go there? stay tuned for suspenseful follow-up ….

  2. I was under the impression that the brain came off automatically when entering the Hollywood firmament of stars. This logic reminds me of the other one recently saluted as healthy about giving rifles to school teachers, if not stocking one on each school bench, so children can be safe.
    O tempora o mores… already said in ancient Rome still comes in handy: “Oh the times, oh the way of life !” Not that Cicero was exempt from certain ineradicable human faults – but he did have a silver tongue capable of getting a murderer acquitted only on the basis of how beautifully he spoke in his defense. I digress now but did you know that juries in Rome and Greece numbered 500 to 1000 jurors ? and all qualified to stand as jurors; I always thought that it was really a judgement given “by the people” — not 12 nit-picked unwilling contentious persons — (and even so Cicero swayed them).They already had a firmament of stars in the Forum … oh human nature….(said by me).

    • The things you say about human nature and the stars et al are always interesting. Yes I think there’s a lot of badly motivated brainless types in Hollywood too, and this was getting to be too much for me not to say.

  3. I commented she can afford to eat snails. I know a person who did the same. She has an Eastern European gene that is very dangerous as breast cancer. It’s a Jewish gene. Nursing at least three years will help beat cancer. So maybe that could have helped. Am sure that she has to be so diligent, surgery would give her relief. Yes it’s shocking, as breasts are your electro magnetic messengers with your kids, and your sexuality. I feel my kids with my breasts. They responded when my daughter became pregnant. I see breasts as being little messengers. They do more than nurse your kid. Even helps you have orgasm, otherwise you cut off your femininity . Love you Gal! Suzy

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    • You have the most marvelous, far-reaching brain. From snails to magnets, and you’re right. Which was chiefest my point, I believe this kind of radical assault on the body is in order to numb, destroy, abridge feeling. And a bit too much taking control. I can understand concern, but pre-emptive surgery has always sounded insane to me. What if you can heal yourself. What of that. Allowing anger, fury, rage, releases cancer cells too. You’re so right on all scores. Great to hear from you Suze. Love you too.

    • I know you too well, your brain is divine and hyperactive and brilliant, but it never burst.
      Really I think this body dump is going to catch on. Ears. Noses. Foreheads. Spines. And if Brad was really manly he’d remove the manly stuff too. God knows what’s fouled up in his jeans. Er, genes. Oh Sharing!!!

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