What Every Mom Wants for the Kids

Grow up, honey.

Stand up straight.

Eat better than that.

And Johnny….





5 thoughts on “What Every Mom Wants for the Kids

  1. Super special! I was probably in Junior High when I first heard this song. I didn’t grow up from my momma’s perspective to “be good” I nevertheless love the song, Chuck Berry, AND The Boss. This video looks old, I hope Chuck is still alive.

    • I’m SO pleased you liked this!
      The Be Good song and Get A Job, both seem so quintessential America kid to me, ripe with teenage hope lit up by mom, what it really means to Be Good, and in equal measure, dissaproval of laziness in Get A Job.
      Johnny Be Good apparetnaly skyrocketed Chuck Berry to fame, it has some best-selling record. I hope he’s still alive too, I love watching him. And I think this is from the 80’s, Springsteen looks real young.
      Thanks, John.

    • Chuck Berry is alive at 86 and still performing.
      I was reminded of two other favorites of mine, Roll Over Beethoven and Maybelline, both Berry creations.
      He’s led quite a checkered, fabulous life. What a guy.

    • Thanks Gunta!
      I adore Chuck Berry and Johnny Be Good is such apple pie. The line of mom to son, Someday you’re name is gonna be in lights and you will be the leader of a big old band….is a momma’s dream.
      And I don’t much like Springsteen but I was touched to see him watching Berry like a six year old meeting Superman. That was cool. And Chuck Berry’s long skinny dancing fabulous legs in white pants. And the guit licks. Happy Mother’s Day.

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