Benghazi Mother’s Day Surprise. Somethin’s up.

May 12, 2013   Mother’s Day.

Something’s afoot on Benghazi news today in May. Interesting.

Despite 8 months of weeping despair, silenced outrage, a couple rockets lobbed at the administration’s fire wall…. there’s still minimal headway on the illusive Benghazi truth.

On September 11th, 2012 in Libya an American Consulate suffered 9 hours of armed assault. Our Ambassador Christopher Stevens was gang raped, bayoneted, and three other Americans including a Navy Seal were slaughtered. The consulate was burnt to cinder.

Last Wednesday May 8 Benghazi Congressional Hearings started. Nobody seems happy with the testimony.

Today, Mother’s Day, The New Yorker Magazine which has been Obama and Hillary fond, writes that something stinks. That Spokesman Carney misspoke. That ABC News pointed out 12 White House talking points altered in the official response. It’s hard to imagine anyone in the press saying Obama’s at fault. That leaves Susan Rice, Leon Panetta, Hillary Clinton, the CIA generally, and Jay Carney.

I hate to be perennially suspicious, but it’s not enough to notice the worm has turned. To protect the president, the new target better be big.

IF Hillary is being dropped into the deep end of the pool, then Biden won his much vaunted shot at the 2016 Presidency. But if the Obama camp think Hillary and Bill (who’s hot to get back to the Oval Office you better believe it) are going to hesitate unleashing everything they’ve socked away on Obama, well, all I can say is:  Whoops.

Watch Nancy Pelosi, who may not know where to turn. Hillary’s her best friend, but Pelosi’s pure politics.

London bookies should start taking odds on when that anti-muslim filmmaker gets sprung from jail.

We’re in for an interesting time.



6 thoughts on “Benghazi Mother’s Day Surprise. Somethin’s up.

  1. The Chinese sage said as a curse : May you live interesting times.
    We are in them.
    I believe that the excuse not to alarm the population is creating a lot of fabricated stories, so as not to get us alarm here in kindergarten. And we do not allow anyone to make mistakes or use poor judgement.
    I think it is ALARMING…

    • I don’t think it’s an intollerance of poor judgement, I think the outright lying is creating an furious, and VERY alarmed public. Now we see Attorney General Holder has secretly seized months of private Associated Press reporter and editor correspondences, and likely without legal authority. I’m waiting to see if the press will react or excuse. The Washington crowd operates in such a blind bubble, I’m not sure they realize what the country out here thinks of what they’re doing. The IRS business is stunning in one way to me, that the operatives are under the illusion that full-scale, illegal, unconstitutional law breaking by a federal agency can be forgotten with an apology! I pray they’re not right.

    • Right. Spot on. The thing is read all the lies, know it for cheesecloth, and make butter from the stuff that’s an unlikely sift.
      I can’t help being folksy, you live on a mountain top.

  2. I have grown to hate politics and I know for a fact we will never know the full story behind any of what goes on. I’ve reached the same point I did in the 70s of tuning out altogether.

    • There sure is a broad field of topics up for worry, discussion, approval, all that. We have to be multi-task citizens just to live here.
      Or ignore it, always an option. I agree that the full story on anything is likely corrupted by time and personalities and what’s at risk to whom. That Lincoln’s Secretary of State likely enthused John Wilkes Booth into a blood lust took over a century to surface for scrutiny. I guess it’s why we appoint judges, to determine from fact and fiction what’s likely. And they get it wrong a lot.

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