by Barbara Sparhawk

Large Oil Painting on Linen,

maybe 50 X 50 inches.

Painted in

Big Sur California 2010

Inside the Gardendetails 1 and 2

Detail, Copy (2) of Inside the Garden, 1Detail, Copy of Inside the Garden, 1


4 thoughts on “I AM INSIDE THE GARDEN ~ Oil Painting

  1. You have such a lush, voluptuous style… then I almost expect to see Alice peeking out between the petals with the white rabbit chasing her….
    I’ve been caught up with planning a trip, but hope to post something meant for you next chance I get….. 😀

    • Thank you Gunta!
      This was a delight to work on, it sort of produced itself and each flower and petal and detail appearing on its own. And it was unusual in that I had little or no white pigment at the time, which I ordinarily use a great deal of in painting, but I did have a great variety of many other full tubes of pigment. Turns out painting without white, if you’ve got enough color on hand, also works.
      Glad you like it. Have a great trip. Can’t wait for my ‘special’.

      • Your reply made me realize what different mediums we work in. Never thought about having a certain color missing… perhaps not having white is why the rabbit didn’t appear? 😀 I just know he’s hiding in there somewhere.

        • See new post, For Gunta….got white for this one.
          I sold it before it was dry or even stretched properly to a couple from Texas to the Big Sur gallery. They fell in love with it, but left, then did a u-turn on the sidewalk outside and bought it. Rolled it up carefully for the plane trip back west. The cat made the deal.

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