Sun Also Rises

From the patio shadows facing dawn.DSCF4608

Copy of DSCF4608and south east…….

DSCF4607and north.DSCF4637The Sparhawk Meadow Garden in May


12 thoughts on “Sun Also Rises

  1. Baba, your patio shadows facing dawn thrills me to the bone…
    what an amazing place to hang a calendar 🙂
    I’m still trying to work out the final stages of my molecular time travel machine and when I do I’m stopping by wonderland for lunch and you better be in !!

    • Darling inter-planetary traveler lunch is being served as soon as you herd the molecules. Very glad you like this, I finally have a photograph that pleases professional photographers and it was all an accident! True too essentially of the garden though I begin to understand how the heart guides the hand in mysterioso ways. Wait, I knew that. Just not applied to blossoms.

    • Dear Pie. Wait til you see it in person. Unbeknownst Iris popped up from a succulent bed and two more shoots behind it, bowers and trellis and trumpets all roaring into spring. Thank you for being, miss you.

    • Thank you so, John. Coming from a genuine practitioner of the art of photography makes me SO PROUD!!
      I have done that and it’ll be part of my garden book, the pursuit of building the garden you see in your mind’s eye, everything around you from dreams, brain image collections….and the surprise of what comes when it’s all fleshed out.

  2. How wonderful and what great shots. It fills me with heart beats. I hope you know how lucky you are to live like that. I know that you know how talented you are to have made it happen.

    • It all kind of happened and yes I feel very lucky. You know that about gardening, about the centerpiece the fig tree became for you, there’s no telling except it’s all inside longing to get out there. I am so very pleased that you liked this.
      The old established plants that were here like big lavenders and succulents and the Pride of Madiera, now I look back, were kind of worn out and sad. I’ve done so much clearing of deadwood and pruning bushes from the bottom up so the form, the trunks are visible, uncovering rock walls and all sorts of things in the process. I think we needed each other me and this bit of land.

      • sooo… then…. it was “meant” to happen…. it was all karma or dharma or whatever. In Italian it’s called “il fiuto”, the sensation that something is there, that it is going to be right. (It actually also means the sense of smell that hunting dogs have…. eh eh, the hunt of yr. life it was, no ?)

    • Oh Gunta! Thank you so much. It is a wonderland. Half the time I can’t believe I live in it. The lighting was all from the dawn’s universe, and I was sitting here looking at it slack-jawed, taking place outside my window and finally thought (unlike my ever-ready photographer friends) OH! I can take a picture, and ran out to get the last seconds of that particular play of light and shadow.

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