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“The 15 threatened animals were shot dead for their horns last month in the Mozambican part of Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park, which also covers South Africa and Zimbabwe.” (Rhinos appeared in the Miocene, 200 million years ago. Weight up to 1,770 lbs., six and a half feet at shoulder, fifteen feet in length, tusks up to about three feet long; clocked at sprints of 55 mph.  The largest ~ White Rhino. The Black Rhino. The Javan Rhino. The Sumatran Rhino. The African Rhino. About 25,000 are left on earth. They once roamed China (the Wooly Rhino), and the Americas.

Wildlife authorities believe the poachers were able to track the rhinoceroses with the help of game rangers working in the Limpopo National ParThe last of a herd of 300 rhinos has been killed in Mozambique. Poachers of course. But more horrifically, poachers led to rhino herds by people hired in sanctuaries to protect the glorious beasts…the Park Rangers. The demand for ivory has not waned, and is chiefly by China where rhino horn is imagined to cure everything from cancer to hangnail. The payoff is enormous, ( $65,000 dollars per kilo, approximately 2.2 pounds to the kilo,  about 3 to 4 lbs each;  35 inches longgovernments protect, ship, expedite and share in poacher profits. There are about 21,000 rhinoceros left in the wild and no end in sight to the slaughter. There is a move afoot to harvest the horns from living rhinos, which regrow.

“The trade in rhino horn has seen the numbers of rhino killed spiral in recent years. Over the border in Kruger, the South African part of the transfrontier park, 180 have been killed so far this year, out of a national total of 249. Last year, 668 rhino were poached in South Africa, a 50 per cent increase over the previous year.

“They will stop at nothing to get to their quarry,” he said. “It is tragic beyond tears that we learn game rangers have now become the enemy in the fight to protect rhino from being poached for their horns.”

A spokesman for South Africa’s environment minister said she would be meeting her Mozambican counterpart in the coming weeks amid concerns that the country is not pulling its weight in the battle against poaching.

“Clearly the open fence agreement has become an open season for poachers,” Albi Modise said. “Rangers in the Kruger National Park are engaged in daily battles with Mozambican poachers.”

Dr Jo Shaw, from the World Wide Fund for Nature, said the rhinoceroses had probably crossed into Mozambique from Kruger.

“Whereas killing a rhino in South Africa can attract stricter punishments than killing a person, in Mozambique offenders generally escape with a fine if they are prosecuted at all.” (Source: The Telegraph)

There’s a Save the Rhino sponsored by a Safari website for a tour company >>HERE<<.  I don’t know anything about them but their pages, more information about this filthy business which inspires, like elephant slaughter for tusks, stunning cruelty on a continent where stunning cruelty is the rampant mode du jour ~~ via governments, the people toward each other, tribal wars, the militaries, the en flagrante wounding of women and children. 

             I’ve come to a surprising but undeniable conclusion, which may shock you. To wit…..You know, the past couple of decades in America have been eye-openers about the rest of the world.  It’s been a western tradition to throw food in the direction of the hungry, harboring the assumption that a full belly will lead to a decent-ification of any population saved from starvation. 

              Brave Missionaries, Rock and Roll superstars, Top Athletes, Royalty, and Politicians o’er the World have leapt on that fast crowded gold-leaf train. It remains the core of the stupid UN which continues their costly folly even after Kofi Annan stole the money and was asked back for more corruption. 

              There’s a flaw in the thinking.  Brain embellishment is called for, raised IQ, a struggle for world-wide uplifted intellect, a bit of morality in a moral abyss that one primitive country after another has shown itself to worship most devoutly and needs to be shown, instead,  how to grow up. 

              Common sense and the courage to observe and report have been diverted by the westerner’s fantasy that primitive societies possess greater sensitivity to the solar system and the ecosystem. 

               Wake up. 

               Migratory tribes use up all life where they land,  scorch the earth with fire to kill everything left and move on; primitives whose skill at sadistic torture of enemies would shudder Edgar Allen Poe; traditions of leaving the elderly under trees for hyenas or an ice floe snack for a polar bear; burning babies alive who are devil-possessed; harvesting human organs for international commerce; stoning raped women to death for their crimes; sex-traders; wild-eyed terrorist converts…I mean really. This is praise-worthy? 

             The savvy, sophisticates of civilizations need no encouragement to deride their progress through an ugly historic myre. We may not like every particle of the modern world which is in, at least, constant renovation.

              Bear in mind that the species Homo sapiens has struggled since dawn first broke on our hairy ancestral backs to make tomorrow a little better and smarter and easier and safer and kinder. It has been the way of going. Inspired, not forced. Thank God for it. 

             There are more retarded primitive cultures thriving world-wide than the average westerner ever dreamt.  It’s just a guess but I’m thinking the nice safari outfits and boots on those rhino and elephant poachers got bought with UN money, their powerful guns and ammo with rock star concert proceeds, and donations to heart-wrenching big-eyed skin and bone children who are starving, never got close to the case of canned milk you mailed off at Christmas. 

            With knowledge comes enlightenment.  Stop feeding them.  Food is about the last thing they need.  I no longer believe it. I am Infidel.



  1. This is is gut wrenching. I cannot even put a “like” to it but I praise this blogger who did the post. I also could not put a “like” to the post about Jamestown, and the post about the 5 yr old boy killing his little sister with a real rifle MADE FOR CHILDREN … the subject is too painful to affix it with “like” – but as I said I admire the bloggers who set up these posts. There is a lot in folklore, superstitions, habits, and industrial practices, that show the worst in man’s identity. They are no longer folklore, superstitions, habits, and industrial practices, but vices.

    • Thank you Vera. I think yes, VICE is a good word…..some intentionally chosen addiction, picked by a person fallen into bad character in order to corrupt oneself and others, to ultimately cause pain and damage. The work of the world in cleaning up vice is enormous, historical, and needs a lot of sunshine on the wound.

  2. Seems to me much of the blame ought to go to those purchasing the rhino horns… for what? is it ivory baubles, or sexual prowess?

    • Yes. It’s very pricey, ergo, swank. And considered a sexual booster, used in jewelry, and medications, yes. This kind of pre-historic thinking drives me nuts. Then too, a fashion magazine of the day revealed Jackie Onassis’ new hubby Ari’s yacht had bar stools covered with elephant testical skin.
      And for at least a century the fine ol’ Swiss have been slitting open live pregnant ewes for embryos used in skin-rejuvenating creams and injectables. Sommerset Maughm partook, and every other fancy pants then and now. Lot of witchcraft going on, imagine what the rock and movie stars actually use. All of it repulsive.

      • Repulsive is an excellent word for this sort of conspicuous consumption. I’ve never quite understood why it is that such perfectly useless folks get so wealthy (rock stars, adult men playing ball, etc) while folks who devote their lives to doing better things (teachers, firefighters etc) get such puny rewards by comparison.

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